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Pure Encapsulations

Pure encapsulations is a laboratory that develops very careful dietary supplement hypo-allergenic and designed to meet the needs of each one of the individuals who are required to reinforce some of functioning of the organism in specific by the use of dietary supplements.

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Among its products you can find a wide range of supplements to help meet various cases in which you need the help of a dietary supplement to enhance some of the functions of the human body. This laboratory develops supplements for bones, joints and muscles, to power, to help the part of the gastrointestinal tract, the heart and metabolism, to support immune, among other things.

With its wide range of pure ingredients provided, depending on the product, items such as amino acids, antioxidants, infant formulas, essential fatty acids, multivitamins, probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, among others.

Origin and manufacture

The origin of these products takes place in Sudbury, Massachusetts, in the united States. Its manufacturing is done thanks to suppliers of raw materials from leading trusted names in the Industry in the united States, France, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. All ingredients are tested for purity and potency at an independent lab certified. The suppliers of the pure ingredients must meet quality criteria to qualify as providers of the labs Pure Encapsulations.

Dietary supplement hypo-allergenic

According to various scientific research on which it is based the manufacturing of these supplements, we can see a large part of the population, speaking of the united States are very likely to be allergic to the dietary supplements. Some people have allergies to any of the components usual for this type of product, as well as other people may be affected in different ways by any of the add-ons that have these products.

That is why Pure Encapsulations have been developing formulas, hypoallergenic, and even coming to be recognized by this features. Products from Pure Encapsulations are free in addition to Gluten-free, soy-free, GMO, magnesium stearate, free of colors and artificial sweeteners, they do not have any derivative of the rolled over or nuts.

All products of this brand, so have a list of ingredients where you can see what they are free. There are products that are suitable for vegans, for vegetarians and for people with celiac disease.

These products are designed taking into account the current requirements of the diets contemporary, where increasingly there are more demands with respect to the organisms they consume.

There is a wide range of supplements and general products that are tailored espefícamente to a type of organism and their personal needs and unique.

Functions in health

As said before, the dietary supplements from Pure Encapsulations are focused to every type of requirement, among which are the following:

  • Bones, joints and muscles: in this category there is a stock of approximately 85 products that are designed to facilitate and maintain the optimal health of the muscles and bones, also cartilages and joints. This category can also be helpful for individuals or athletes recovering from an illness covered by this category.

  • Energy and Fitness: is this particular category has a stock of 45 different products all focused functions for energy and muscle own people specifically dedicated to the sport or physical activity. These supplements are free of hydrogenated oils, gluten, and sweeteners.

  • Gastrointestinal: in this category there is a stock 45 different products that focus on digestive health and gastrointestinal functions.

  • Heart and metabolism: this category has a stock of 112 different products designed to provide the functions related to cardiovascular health and metabolism.

  • Hormones: this category has a stock of 5 different products involved in supporting hormonal functions of the body.

  • Support immune: this particular category has a total of 67 different products that are developed focused to support homeostasis, immune to a variety of applications which cover the entire immune system.

  • Liver and detox: this category has 34 different products that are in charge of improving liver function and detox the body in general.

  • Memory and mood: this category has a range of 68 products that address the cognitive functions and that are designed to improve the potential changes of mood from negative to the agency, as may be the management of the stress and other feelings that can disturb the mind and health in general.

  • Sleep: this category features 7 products dedicated in their duties to induce a restful sleep and natural.

  • Vision: this category has a stock of ten articles dedicated to improving the health of the vision.

Guaranteed quality

Products from Pure Encapsulations are manufactured on the basis of stringent criteria of research and testing, scientific, and can be explained by taking into account four elements:

  • Clinical trials: these products are developed low-high standards scientists to support their quality. In the last few years have been published in thirty clinical studies that demonstrate the caliber of the research from this laboratory. Also the pair make academic research related to institutions such as Mclean Hospital, Oregon health and science University and Michigan State University.

  • Effectiveness: the quality of these supplements is developed in part thanks to the advice of the hand of doctors and well-known researchers in the areas where they develop and that are crucial for the manufacture of products from Pure Encapsulations.

  • Confidence in the manufacturing standards: standards of production accurate and transparency of these processes that make these products are highly reliable and of very good quality. Some of the details that mark well the difference are the suitable conditions of temperature, humidity, and dust in which they manufacture these products, as well as the high training of the employees who are responsible for developing these products in their final stage.

  • Products are hypo-allergenic: thanks to various studies in the united States, these laboratories have developed their products taking into account any allergies that may occur with the consumption of regular supplements, which is why this lab in particular is known for its products which are highly allergenic.