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More than 40 years of research, the development of 20 functional foods and the publication of more than 150 scientific papers in major journals global research, are some of the figures that show that Puleva has always been characterized by being an innovative brand and a pioneer in the implementation of advanced technologies of nutrition in each one of their products.

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Puleva: healthy eating for all ages

Puleva works with more than 20 groups of researchers, experts in nutrition, pediatrics, obesity, pharmacology, inmononutrición, microbiology, food technologies and extractive industries, and other specialties to address each of the needs of their consumers.

Puleva for small house

Puleva Baby is a line of baby food brand, that provides a variety of innovative and nutritious formulas that ensure optimal growth of the child. Among the wide range of products of this line, it is possible to find baby milk to consume from the first month and up to three years, porridge made with cereal, cocoa and honey of the highest quality and nutritional biscuits and complementary, ideal for the introduction to a diet more varied and wide.

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The Milk Omega 3 de Puleva, responds to a line of dairy products, whose main aim is to contribute to maintaining the good health of the heart and regulate cholesterol, because the formula of this product eliminates the saturated fats and includes essential fatty acids, the Omega-3 and Oleic acid. A glass of this milk provides 50% of the recommended daily serving of Omega-3. It is possible to get this product in other presentations, in addition to the classical: Puleva Omega 3 with Nuts, Puleva Omega 3 Oats, Puleva Omega 3 Almonds and Puleva Omega 3 without lactose.

The brand also presents the Milk Puleva with Calcium, a product enriched with a high content of vitamin D, in order to optimize the absorption of calcium and vitamin K that help the proper mineralization of bone. Puleva was the first brand to develop a milk with these features and with a full range of options: whole milk, semi-skimmed milk and skimmed milk. It is recommended for pregnant, lactating mothers, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

For those who have digestion problems, there is Puleva Morning Light Lactose-free, ideal for those who milk them not feel well, or simply have trouble to assimilate it. This alternative lactose-free, decreases gastrointestinal problems, at the time that allows you to continue to enjoy the benefits of the milk. Is available in the following presentations: skimmed lactose free, low fat lactose-free and whole lactose-free.

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