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Protein supplements

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Protein Supplements are supplements that are used on a regular basis in order to collaborate with the contribution of the dose of protein that is required to maintain healthy nutritional levels throughout the day.

Proteins can be ingested by eating solid foods, especially those who attend the gym every day and who usually eat more meat or meals that include a higher protein content.

In addition, professional athletes usually burn up to a total of 7000 calories every day and require consuming dietary supplements that favor the replacement of those losses of energy that with food is made quite difficult for them.

What is protein?

To start it must be known that the protein is a large biomolecule that has one or several long chains of amino acids and these are compounds with a small size that make up the blocks that cause proteins.

Proteins are involved in a large number of processes generated by the body, including metabolism, DNA replication, movement, structure and almost all processes within cells.

There are proteins that are enzymes, so they generate an increase in biochemical reactions that are of great importance for the functioning of metabolism and others have structural function, such as actin or myosin of muscles.

Each protein that is ingested through food is of great importance for the aprte of essential amino acids that can not be created by the body.

What are Protein powder Supplements?

Protein Supplements are products that promote daily nutrition as a result of their high protein content. Although, currently there are products that include 20 gr of protein per 100 gr of product and are mentioned as a protein supplement.

But, there are products such as whey, casein and other similar that include at least 80 + gr of protein per 100gr of product and are in a powder presentation that cause excellent results for the body.

These supplements are usually made with a powder presentation, especially the protein made from whey, casein, beef and others made using vegetable protein and usually include a variety of flavors, such as brownie, triple chocolate to cheese cake flavor.

This presentation is quite popular since it is quite simple and fast to ingest, it only requires mixing in water to be able to take it at any time and place, at the same time that its composition makes the body digest it faster than solid food.

In addition, the powder presentation there are other presentations such as bars, cookies, pudding, pancakes and some sweeter as Snickers and Mars that have versions that include protein.

Regardless of the presentation all fulfill a single function that is to collaborate with the extra supply of protein to the diet.

What are the different types of Protein Supplements?

Among the various supplements that exist on the market, whey protein extracted is the most popular, while it is the most affordable, since whey is a product of milk and is a healthier version among the different protein supplements.

This type has an excellent price and function. Although, its lactose content can generate various problems, resulting in the need to switch to other sources of protein, which can cause irritation in the stomach and digestion.

Whey protein can be found in different forms, such as concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed, being concentrated the most used; so its main difference is the amount of carbohydrates and lactose content.

Concentrated whey protein usually includes 10 to 8gr of carbohydrates per 100gr of product, while isolated or hydrolyzed are cleaner and generate wonderful results in people who have sensitive digestions.

Another form of milk protein is casein, which is known as the milk component that takes the longest to digest, in other words, the body takes the longest to break it down and digest it.

Casein creates a gelatin and its supplements usually have presentations in the form of pudding and have a more delicious flavor than whey, but have a higher amount of carbohydrates.

Beef protein is usually priced higher than milk proteins and is increasing in popularity, as they generate a more pleasant result in the stomach, are slower to digest and do not contain carbohydrates.

There are also vegetable protein powders that have emerged as a result of the appearance of veganism and vegetarianism in the nutritional market, working very well in the world of fitness and those people who are not athletes.

These vegetable protein powders can be extracted from several sources, among which are rice which is the most popular and there are other sources such as soy, hemp and peas.

How to take Protein Supplements?

Although, each meal should include a serving of protein you can add 20gr of powder, if the meal includes only carbohydrates and fats, while you can drink a smoothie after the workout, adding some type of carbohydrate, such as banana.

The total amount of protein to eat throughout the day will depend on age, range of activity, work, health, lifestyle and especially taste buds.

Being the suggested daily amount from 1 to 2.2 gr of protein per kg of body weight, so the best choice an intermediate range, between 1.5 and 1.7 gr, being able to use a dose and try for two weeks.

Evaluating how you are feeling the day after training, taking into account if the body feels exhausted, numb and weak, this means that the amount of protein that was ingested the previous days is not adequate.

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