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Protein Meal Bars Coconut with Chocolate 12 Units Pwd Nutrition


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  • They're protein bars.
  • Each package comes with 12 units.
  • They have 11.2 grams of protein.
  • It has 32% protein.
  • They have an irresistible taste of coconut with chocolate.
  • They have the texture of a wafer.

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Why Protein Meal Coconut Chocolate Bars 12 Units Pwd Nutrition?

That one protein bar provide you with the nutrients you need for your diet, it is already an important contribution, but in addition to that it has an authentic flavor to Coconut with chocolate that's too much. This time it's real.

We know that following a diet is not easy, and we know that it requires effort and discipline to reach the objectives discussed. That's what it exists for. Protein Meal Bars Coconut with Chocolate 12 Units Pwd Nutrition to lighten that burden a little.

In the following lines we will give you all the details you need to know about these coconut chocolate flavor diet bars so that you can buy them more safely.

Everything you need to know about this product

Among the most important features that you should know these bars about this product, we can mention the following:

  • The protein used in the manufacture of this product is the whey protein or whey protein, which is worldwide and scientifically known to be one of the proteins with greater bioavailability. This means that the human body aborts it quickly and effectively, taking advantage of most nutrients.
  • These bars are designed for people on strict diets following low carb ketogenic diets or in some cases by people following the Atkins diet.
  • They are products designed to serve as snacks between meals without regrets for breaking the diet, on the contrary, with the consumption of these bars you are providing the recommended portion of protein to your body that provides satiety and pleasure.
  • Thanks to its delicious chocolate coconut flavor, you won't notice the difference between a regular sweet and the characteristic flavor of protein bars.
  • Keep in mind that these are protein bars and not energy bars. The latter contain carbohydrates and the former do not.
  • They also do not contain harmful ingredients such as processed sugars and palm oil.
  • Each bar of this package weighs 35gr of which 11.2 are proteins.

What do we recommend?

For you to make a conscious and responsible consumption of this product, we suggest the following:

  • Remember not to use these protein bars to replace meals all day since they are designed for that and you would be consuming them in a harmful way.
  • Its consumption in children is not recommended.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • When storing them, do it in a place free of moisture and free of the direct incidence of sunlight, since these conditions could compromise their properties.
  • Do not consume these bars while exercising but rather after or before.

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