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Protector Solar Facial

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The Sun each day banging with greater intensity in our skin, resulting in sunburn, unsightly spots on the skin, freckles, moles, and the terrible melanoma or skin cancer. To avoid this it is essential that we know our skin type and protect conveniently throughout the year, taking the habit of using a sunscreen daily facial.

In Farmaciamarket we're going to give you a few brief details to find out your skin type: if you suffer continuously from acne and glitter all over the face, your skin is fat; if you only have glitter in the “T-zone” (forehead, nose and chin) your skin is mixed; if you can write about your skin, you have pielecillas and flakes usually, your skin is dry.

Part of this, if there are sudden changes of temperature will appear unsightly redness in the face, your skin is sensitive (in addition, it is prone to sun burns and peeling). If you have different rashes and redness, itching, hives, if certain tissues will produce pimples and irritations and if in areas of friction will also appear, your skin is atopic.

Protector solar facial for all skin types in Farmaciamarket

Although it may seem, oily skin is a delicate skin that reacts disproportionately to the external aggressions, with an excess of sebum. To avoid this, it is best to achieve a sunscreen face fat effectively and committed to the restructuring lipid of our face.

In Farmaciamarket advise the protector solar facial oily skin that does not cake and leave to sweat to the skin, and is therefore a protector solar facial lightweight, but also lack of fatty substances, that is to say, that is a sunscreen facial oil free: the protector solar facial skin fat heliocare.

For dry skin, Farmaciamarket advised to use a sunscreen moisturizing face sunscreen facial heliocare gel advance, or Ladival 50 dry skinwith sunscreen lip ladival gift.

For sensitive skins, prone to burn, it is ideal to have a protector solar facial natural, that is to say, devoid of irritating substances. Farmaciamarket recommends that the protector solar facial isdin sunscreen mineral and the protector solar facial ladival (especially the “skins tattooed”.

In addition, it is very advisable that you carry hand, a protector solar facial in bar as the protector solar facial isdin combi, the protector solar facial la roche posay anthelios xl ultra-light sunscreen lip ladival also suitable for cheekbones, and nose. If you're prone/or to suffer from sun spots, freckles and moles, it is best to use a sunscreen facial stain-blocking primer such as Ladival stain that Farmaciamarket that it has to offer in one economic pack-aging of the skin, containing serum stain ladival and sunscreen stain ladival both in size large, or the protector solar facial isdin active unify sunscreen face factor of 100.

The problem of sensitive skin is often poorly tolerated by the sun, so that they are not all tanned that you would like the person. Farmaciamarket is going to give you a little help by offering the protector solar facial with color sunscreen isdin 50 sun brush mineral, with a comfortable brush to quickly apply to your skin. The protector solar facial heliocare touch of sun spf 50 you are in a promotion irresistible (with sunscreen, face factor 50 in spray, gift), the protector solar facial matting fps 50+ eucerin has different intensities of color, the protective bronzer solar Ladival 30, etc

Combination skin are the luckiest, because they can use all kinds of sunscreens. However, it is recommended that like to sun protection facial oil free to avoid increasing the brightness.

Skins atopic are more problematic because they react with ease and can result in problems of allergies. In general, sunscreens, facial sensitive skin tend to be also suitable for skin atopic and allergic. Farmaciamarket further recommends that the protector solar facial isdin 100 Ultra Sun allergy 100+.

The additional problem of the skins atopic is that they are more prone to premature aging, so it is advisable to use sunscreen face cream with vitamin c (stain) and vitamin D (elasticity), as well as use a sunscreen facial anti-wrinkle, such as the protector solar facial isdin anti-wrinkle orFotoultra Isdin Age repair, among others.