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The products of the brand Priorin have been manufactured to be the answer that we need to get a hair stronger from root to tip, to be fully resistant to the passage of time.

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  • Priorin 60 Capsulas+60 Capsulas Duplo promocion
    Priorin 60 Capsules Duplo promotion

    Priorin 60 capsules duplo promotion 2 containers with discount is an add-on to take on a daily basis and complete the diet rich in trace elements that makes your hair look healthy strong and dense. perfect for the daily intake and the quality of bayer in a prodcuto destined for the nutrition capillary of your hair.

    50,00 € -26.0946% 36,95 €
  • Priorin 60 capsules gift
    Out of stock
    Priorin 60 capsules gift

    Priorin 60 capsules with a gift of shampoo 200 ml, the best formula on the market with shampoo gift. with a table of contents for each two capsules of the essential that you need your hair to grow strong and stay strong. It is the mark of bayer specified for the falling of the hair. a great price and offer cheap

    22,95 € -13.279% 19,90 €
  • Priorin Shampoo 200 ml duplo
    Out of stock
    Priorin Shampoo 200 ml duplo

    Priorin Shampoo 200 ml twice a unique formula with capilectina that stimulates the multiplication of the cells of the hair, the better price online to buy this package twice

    10,99 € -13.5463% 9,50 €

All these items are directly developed by the Bayer company, analyzing any type of active ingredient that can participate in them.

The idea is to get a healthy hair with volume, improve your level of density and avoiding the usual problems of the hair brittle.

Know in depth the products of the brand priorin

Active ingredients you most characteristic

To know the active principles in depth would have to analyze each item separately; however, we want to highlight some as the pro-vitamin B5, the capilectina or the extract of millet.

These principles need your hair to stay in top condition; some of them can be synthesized naturally in our body... but in very low doses that are not considered sufficient.

The capsules of this brand also includes the compound biotin, which has the ability to strengthen the hair from the inside to the outside.

Two types of products

Shampoo, care hair priorin

This shampoo is so effective that there are few people that you already have in your bathroom. And is that it has been designed with the revolutionary formula known as 3 Activ in combination with the ingredients we have already mentioned above.

Your goal is to be able to maintain our hair always in the best conditions, to avoid that you can produce any kind of problem with him in the future.

It also helps to give shine, volume and strength to prevent it from becoming brittle and start to fall.

We will have one of those hair of film that we would like to have.


On the other hand, we find these capsules have been formulated with a composition of 3 Activ + Bitonina. Like the previous formula, we also help you to be able to have a lot more hair dense, fully resistant to the passage of time, as well as up to weather conditions more extreme.

These capsules only have been designed with natural elements, so that the brand guarantees you will be completely respectful of the body, minimizing the chance that you can produce any type of allergies or similar.

Whatshampoo priorin capsules? You choose what suits you best.


If you're wondering by priorin price, you should know that will depend on if you want to buy is the shampoo or capsules but, in any case, is so small that insurance that fits your budget.

In addition, you have to know that as usual, we can find some other priorin offer for us to go out for a price even more affordable.

So now you know, if you are thinking priorin buy, you should to know that they are probably the best products for caring for your hair.

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