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Polishes Maximo Sealed 40 g


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  • Provide greater fixation that lasts for a period no longer than 12 hours.
  • It generates a maximum seal between the denture and the gum preventing the introduction of food between the denture area and the gum.
  • It is made with a precision nozzle that has a finer tip so that the necessary dose of the product can be used.
  • Contains better surface coverage.
  • It exerts a definitive adhesive effect on dentures.
  • Provides a balanced sense of calm

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Polishes Maximo Sealed 40g it has been made with two adhesive polymers that provide an increase in size at the time of wetting, generating a structure between the prosthesis and the gum that does not allow the entry of food particles.

It is a cream that contains a definitive adhesive action thus blocking the introduction of food or remains that are managed to slip between the prostheses, facilitating in turn the time to chew when eating food.

It eradicates any interference with the taste of food, which is why it provides greater enjoyment of meals without generating any inconvenience. Due to its adherent effect allows the consumption of hard foods for a long time.

Properties of Polishes Maximum Sealing 40 g

When applying Polishes Maximo Sealed 40 g a superior sealing effect is exerted in order to eradicate the probability of food being alijen between the prosthesis and the gums, providing a wide coverage of the tooth surface to make food consumption more pleasant.

It includes in its formulation a neutral flavor which generates as a result that does not originate interaction with the flavor of the food, since these bands create a force that strengthens the application of the prosthesis.

How to Use Polegna Maximo Sealed 40 g

It should be used in a small amount in the first application so that the product is not seen overflowing in the prosthesis. you may need different attempts to reach the right amount for your prosthesis.

It should be placed Polishes Maximo Sealed 40 g in the prosthesis clean and dry, once a day, using only short strips.

  • Upper prosthesis: it should be placed on the product using a long strip and continuing too close to the edge of the prosthesis. use two short strips on the lower prosthesis.
  • Lower prosthesis: the product should be used in a long strip and continued too close to the edge of the prosthesis.
  • Partial prosthesis: only two short strips should be used.

You should rinse your mouth, and then adjust the prosthesis in place, managing to press it firmly and then bite to ensure the fixation of the same.

Removal Mode of Polishka Maximum Sealed 40 g

To remove the prosthesis, let the mouth rinse using plenty of warm water. After that, the prosthesis is removed slowly. Adhesive residue in the mouth and prosthesis should then be eradicated with the help of a soft brush.You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.