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Poligrip Pills

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  • Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets
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    Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets

    It provides double action for the cleaning and complete maintenance of dentures. It fights efficiently against the bacteria that cause bad breath. Collaborates with the reduction and elimination of oral stains. It exerts a great disinfectant action. It can be used in partial dentures in both metal and acrylic and orthodontics

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  • Polega Biactive Oxygen 66 tablets Saving Format
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    Polega Biactive Oxygen 66 tablets Saving Format

    With its use, a large number of bacteria that cause the proliferation of bad smell in the mouth is eradicated. Provides a cleaner, fresher and brighter prosthesis. These denture cleaning tablets have a very fast action that is exerted in as little as 3 minutes. It is created without any flavor so it does not alter the perception of food. It is created...

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  • Corega Oxígeno Biactivo 30 comprimidos efervescentes
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    Polega Biactive oxygen 30 effervescent tablets

    It exerts a great maintenance of the prosthesis or in the oral apparatus reaching an optimal state of cleanliness. The cleaning action manages to last throughout the day. Improves the decrease in the creation of dental plaque. It is not abrasive, managing to generate cleanliness without scratching and provides a better place for the multiplication of...

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  • Poligenic Biactive Oxygen 108 effervescent tablets
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    Poligenic Biactive Oxygen 108 effervescent tablets

    Provides disinfectant action. Promotes cleanliness. Preserves the freshness of the prosthesis. Contains an antibacterial agent. Includes Active Oxygen Accelerator. Promotes teeth whitening.

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The Polegan Pills they are capsules that generate an effervescent effect that favors the realization of the hygiene of dental prostheses, since they have a composition that favors their conservation and cleaning with their daily use.

These tablets are considered an essential product when using dentures, since they collaborate with their hygiene and favors the elimination of glue or adhesive residues that may remain in the dentures.

It includes a formulation specifically developed to generate an intense disinfection of the dental prosthesis, while preventing the appearance of stains as a result of the elimination of bacteria that adhere to its surface.

What are the characteristics of Polega Pills?

They are tablets made with a composition that generates an effervescence that allows the cleaning of dental prostheses, since it manages to reach those areas where the toothbrush does not reach and discards the residues that are usually left after removing it from the mouth.

  • With its use the denture is perfectly clean.
  • Eliminates all bacteria that develop naturally in dentures.
  • Generates more intense denture hygiene.
  • It discards food residues that stick together, as well as bacteria that form bacterial plaque.
  • Prevents the appearance of stains.
  • Take care of dentures from the development of germs and bacteria.
  • Effectively cleans hard-to-reach areas such as interdental areas.
  • Minimizes odor-causing bacteria that can damage gums.
  • They provide a refreshing and cleansing sensation in the mouth.
  • They do not include oxidizing or corrosive agents.
  • It can be used for the care of complete, partial, metal or acrylic prostheses and orthodontics.

Why should the Polegan Pills for denture hygiene?

Traditional pastes usually include in their composition actives that generate abrasive results and that generate an improvement in the hygiene of a natural denture, originating their results through a mechanical action.

For the preparation of dental prostheses, an acrylic material is used that is softer than natural enamel and the abrasive assets that include toothpaste can deteriorate and scratch the surface of the prosthesis.

This deterioration generates as a result an environment conducive to the development of bacteria that cause the bad smell of the mouth, so Polega has developed these pills that favor the hygiene and care of dental prostheses.

These cleaning tablets include a formulation specially designed for dentures since they do not generate abrasion and are softer in the generation of denture hygiene, but are effective with the elimination of bacteria.

Why is it important to use Polega Pills every day?

It is essential to carry out a daily cleaning system for the care of the dental prosthesis, in order to collaborate with the conservation of optimal hygiene of the same, avoiding that the same accumulates plaque, stains and bacteria.

Poligrip Pills it is specifically designed to promote the elimination of plaque and stains without generating any type of deterioration in the prosthesis, since it has a bactericidal action that generates the elimination of 99.9% of the bacteria that generate the bad smell.

It is of great importance for the care of dentures sink them every day with the cleaning tablet, then brush it with the solution and rinse it with plenty of water for the realization of daily hygiene.

How do Polegan Pills work?

These tablets include a mixture of several ingredients that favor the cleaning and care of dentures, effectively eliminating plaque and stains, while eliminating the bacteria that generate the bad smell.

It includes in its composition components with oxidizing effect, such as sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate and potassium monopersulfate that generate as a result a bleaching action and prevent the formation of stains.

These components generate excellent results in preventing the development of bacteria and other microbes that have been in dentures.

While, it includes an active ingredient with a detergent effect that is known as sodium laurilsulfate acetate that generates an improvement in the hygiene of the prostheses, since it collaborates with the elimination of small stains that can be found on the surface.

In addition, it includes effervescent ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and citric acid that collaborate with the disintegration of the tablet and the dissemination of all the ingredients it contains to improve the cleaning function of the prosthesis.

So it should be used every day in order to generate an improvement in oral hygiene, since when the prosthesis is placed in the mouth and used regularly plaque, stains and bacteria accumulate.

How should I use Polega Pills?

A cleansing tablet should be placed in a glass with enough warm water, it is important that it is not hot, being essential that the liquid can cover the prosthesis for approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

To then brush the denture using the solution and a soft brush, the process is completed by rinsing the denture with running water and discarding the solution immediately after use.

A single tablet can be used in a glass for the hygiene of the upper and lower prosthesis, but it is not recommended to save the solution for the hygiene of the next day.

Is it normal that there are specks in the solution generated by Poligram Pills?

After the complete dissolution of the Poligrip Pills sediments can be observed at the bottom of the container, which is considered normal and for this reason it is recommended to rinse the dental prosthesis using running water before placing it in the mouth.

Can the Polega Pills when using orthodontic appliances?

If you are using orthodontic dental appliances that have been made with polymethylmethacritalate, stainless steel and cobalt-chromium alloys it is advisable to ask a professional about how to use them for your hygiene.

It is recommended that you specifically follow the instructions provided by your trusted professional for the conservation of your orthodontic appliance.

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