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Polega Total Action 70 grams


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  • It provides a correct fixation of the denture resulting in greater well-being.
  • Its formula exerts a sealing action that prevents displacements in the mouth.
  • Its hold is more resistant and solid respecting the soft tissues of the oral cavity.
  • It is made without any flavor in order not to alter the flavor of food.
  • Its excellent results last up to 24 hours.

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Polega Total Action 70 grams it is a cream with adhesive effect that helps provide extra strength in the bite thanks to its extraordinary fixing power, it has also been made without including any flavor in its formulation, nor zinc.

It exerts an excellent fixation of the prosthesis achieving as a result that any type of food can be ingested, since it provides its adhesion action firmly in the denture of the gum reaching a greater force in the bite.

Its correct use inhibits the entry of food into the space between the gum and the prosthesis, as a result of the sealing action that gives fundamental care to the gums.

Properties of Polega Total Action 70 grams

Although the prosthesis or appliance is well fixed, you may notice that there are different foods that can be very difficult to chew, which is why some people avoid some foods in their daily diets.

Therefore, by using this adhesive cream, these difficulties are eradicated at the time of eating, leaving in place a enjoyment of meals, resulting in an improvement in the quality of life of people.

Polega Total Action 70 grams it provides a greater force in the bite that can be measured up to 38%, while ensuring as a result a fixation that lasts for 24 hours achieving effective blocking of the entry of food between the gum and the prosthesis.

It collaborates in a favorable way to achieve greater protection of the gums, since it is made without any flavor and without zinc content.

How to Use Polega Total Action 70 grams

Polega Total Action 70 grams a small amount should be placed the first time it is used, although if it is considered necessary it can be used more until you reach the amount necessary for an excellent grip. It may take several attempts to reach the amount needed to attach the prosthesis.

It should be taken into account that using too much adhesive may cause the product to have an overflow action on the prosthesis. At the time this happens you should keep in mind that a lower amount should be placed next time.

Warnings of Poligrip Total Action 70 grams

  • It should be stored in a space where it is out of the reach and sight of the smallest of the house.
  • If you have any sensitivity or allergy to any component of this product avoid its use.
  • If you have an allergic reaction or discomfort, remove the product immediately.
  • Small amounts of the product may be consumed when it is used as indicated since it is not harmful.

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