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Polega Effect Pad 70g


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  • It provides great comfort and fixation for a period of 24 hours.
  • It offers a long-lasting fixation accompanied by its pad action.
  • Improves bite cushioning.
  • It is made with gel technology.
  • Protect gums from pressure, friction and irritation.
  • It contains a fine tip that collaborates generating better visibility favoring closure and opening.

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Polega Effect Pad 70g collaborates in the contribution of a feeling of confidence and security, as a result of the decrease in the movement of the prosthesis thanks to its pad action.

Its effect is superior to that of a fixative because it acts as a hydroactive gel layer, since it has a carbomer and carboxymethylcellulose that improves the cushioning of the bite.

It is created with the goal of acting immediately, improving cushioning while creating a layer of cushioning that lasts throughout the day providing ample comfort to the gums, which in turn protects the area from pressure, friction and irritation.

Characteristics of Poligrip Effect Pad 70g

It offers greater comfort against irritation, rubbing and pressure that can create the use of dental prosthesis.

  • It is made with a technology called ADAPTAGRIP, being more than a dental fixative that provides a hydroactive gel layer.
  • It is created so that the pad forms immediately providing protection and support that lasts for a period of 24 hours.
  • These pads protect the gums by eradicating the likelihood of irritation.
  • It is made with a new nozzle that exerts a pressure for a better application.

Properties of Poligrip Effect Pad 70g

It offers a high degree of confidence and security because it decreases the movement of the prosthesis as a result of its pad action that is more than a fixative thanks to its gel texture that helps in improving the cushioning of the bite.

The layer of Polega Effect Pad 70g it generates its cushioning effect has a duration of 24 hours, thus generating greater comfort in the gum area.

Indications of Polishberry Effect Pad 70g

Polega Effect Pad 70g it has been created with the purpose of being used by those people who have dental prostheses and wish to achieve greater fixation without any movement of the prosthesis when used properly.

Mode of Use of Polegan Effect Pad 70g

  1. Dentures should be cleaned and then dried.
  2. The product should be placed in continuous strips, but should not be too close to the edge of the prosthesis.
  3. Upper prosthesis: the product should be placed in a wide and continuous strip, which in a row is applied two short strips that go in the center of the prosthesis.
  4. Lower prosthesis: a continuous and wide strip must be placed.
  5. Partial prosthesis: in this should be placed two short strips.
  6. You should rinse your mouth using water before placing the prosthesis inside.
  7. The prosthesis should be adjusted in place, and pressed firmly and bit for a few seconds so that the attachment is properly attached.

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