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Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets


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  • It provides double action for the cleaning and complete maintenance of dentures.
  • It fights efficiently against the bacteria that cause bad breath.
  • Collaborates with the reduction and elimination of oral stains.
  • It exerts a great disinfectant action.
  • It can be used in partial dentures in both metal and acrylic and orthodontics

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Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets they are effervescent tablets that help eradicate the bacteria that generate irritation in the gums, providing excellent advantages in a single tablet.

With the daily use of these tablets is generated disinfection, cooling, improvement in the eradication of bacteria, removal of plaque, dissolution of stains, grooming without generating damage, while providing a quick effect.

It has been made with a formula that is concentrated in each tablet in order to generate a deeper and more effective cleaning, managing to eliminate any type of bad odors instantly.

Characteristics of Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets

Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets it has been created in order to provide a daily and complete cleaning of dental prostheses, thus exercising a completely effective cleaning.

  • It can be used in orthodontics as a result of its new formula that includes Micro Clean that ensures total hygiene.
  • Generates greater disinfection of the entire prosthesis.
  • It causes a very fast cleaning action.
  • It gives the prosthesis a great refreshing sensation that covers the entire area of the mouth.
  • it includes an efficient antibacterial effect that eradicates different agents that can cause irritation in the gums.
  • It generates a great cleaning in the metal parts of the prosthesis.
  • It exerts a total hygiene without generating deterioration in the dental prosthesis.
  • It offers the complete eradication of stains.

Indications of Polega Action Total 66 Effervescent Tablets

Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets it is designed to carry out a deep cleaning of the residues that can remain attached to the prosthesis without generating any type of damage.

Its formulation has been developed in order to promote the cleanliness, freshness and shine of dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances.

Therefore these capsules provide an ideal eradication of the bacteria that cause bad breath, but it must be taken into account that it is only for external use reason why it should not be ingested under any circumstances.

How to Use Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets

  • The prosthesis or orthodontic appliance should be placed in a container that should contain a sufficient amount of warm water to cover it.
  • Then you should place a tablet of the product inside the container with water, leaving the appliance submerged for a period of 3 minutes and finally with the help of a soft brush is brushed.
  • Then the water should be discarded so that it is rinsed with plenty of tap water.

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