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Polega Accion Total 30 tablets


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  • With its use a great disinfecting action of the prosthesis is generated.

  • Exerts a refreshing effect on the mouth area.

  • Improves the eradication of bacteria that cause irritation in the gums.

  • It is a cleaning product that does not generate any type of damage when used.

  • Eradicates all stains found on the prosthesis.

  • The action exerted by this product is very fast.

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Polega Accion Total 30 tablets it includes a formula that has been created to eradicate bacteria that cause irritation in the gums, since it provides an excellent cleaning that does not deteriorate the prosthesis and orthodontics.

Its use generates the eradication of any type of stains thanks to the fact that it favors the daily cleaning of dental prostheses, resulting in disinfection achieving a fast and refreshing action.

Its components improve the elimination of bacteria that are the cause of irritation of the gums, so it can be used in total and partial dentures.

Corega Accion Total 30 comprimidos

Characteristics of Polega Accion Total 30 tablets

With its use, a complete care of the dental prosthesis is exercised, achieving the eradication of the large amount of bacteria that generate bad breath, as well as those that cause irritation of the gums.

Also, it favors the covering of different needs of the prosthesis to keep it in a great state.

  • Helps completely disinfect the prosthesis.

  • It generates its results quickly in a short period of as little as 3 minutes.

  • It offers the prosthesis a very pleasant and refreshing feeling.

  • It improves the eradication of bacteria that cause irritation in the gums.

  • It achieves a great care of the metal parts that are in the partial prostheses.

  • It offers an excellent cleaning without offering any damage to the prostheses.

  • Eradicates stains by returning the natural white color of the prosthesis.

How to Use Polega Accion Total 30 tablets

It is recommended to place a tablet of Total Action in a container with water in which you must then immerse the orthodontics so that the liquid covers it completely.

Then leave for about 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

Polega Accion Total 30 tablets it is created with the purpose of being used in the daily cleaning of dental prostheses, in partial appliances and in orthodontics, generating as a result the protection of the gums and the blocking of the insertion of food.

Indications of Polega Action Total 30 tablets

It should be taken into account that the solution is for single use, that is, after the product acts on the prosthesis for 15 minutes it must be discarded not stored to be reused, while to rinse the prosthesis it must be placed under the tap.

These tablets should be kept sheltered in a space where it is dry, cool and away from the reach of the smallest of the house. In addition, hands should be washed very well after handling the product.

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