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In a society that is increasingly aware of the nature and the benefits and virtues of the same, it is becoming common to use products that come from the same to the care of our body and physical health. Here you can find a range Plantapol to care for you at the best price online

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  • Plantapol Detoxpol 500 ml
    -0,45 €
    Plantapol Detoxpol 500 ml

    Plantapol Detoxpol 500 ml formulated with stevia which makes the formula much more healthy. with extract of black radish, ponytail, desmodium, dandelion and fumaria makes a perfect combination excretion for all the liquids of the body. A complex leader to take care of your line on a daily basis.

    15,95 € -0,45 € 15,50 €
  • Plantapol Green Coffee Plus 500 ml
    Plantapol Green Coffee Plus 500 ml

    Plantapol Green Coffee Plus 500 ml the power of the cafe green cold or warm it is the ideal complement, a part of green coffee contains green tea, fennel, and horsetail with draining effect is very powerful, which makes you remove more than with other formulas. birch and black radish combine this formula lider fat-burning

    15,95 € -31.3793% 10,95 €
  • Plantapol Green Coffee Forte 60 capsules
    Plantapol Green Coffee Forte 60 capsules

    Plantapol Green Coffee Forte 60 capsules cafe green powerful with 45 % of acid called chlorogenic acid, enriched in chromium that increases the metabolism making you spend more naturally and so burn fats by yourself with the help in combination of cafe green. more content of acid chlorogenic acid per capsule.

    19,95 € -40.1323% 11,95 €
  • Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 blisters
    Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 blisters

    Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 vials a natural complement to the feeling of heaviness in your legs. It is a natural remedy and perfect for big sale. Here you will be able to buy it at the best price online offering to help you. Plantapol laboratories is a large Spanish manufacturer of remedies that are 100 percent natural. thanks to Myrtirutin blisters with...

    15,95 € -25.1034% 11,95 €
  • Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks
    Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks

    Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks helps to the maintenance and balance of the chain of collagen, contains a hydrolyzed collagen marine patented (Naticol), pure and concentrated. Collagen represents about 80% of the weight of the connective tissue and plays an essential role to ensure the cohesion, elasticity, mechanical resistance, and regeneration of the...

    13,81 € -31.1554% 9,50 €
  • Plantapol Drenapol 500 ml
    Plantapol Drenaspol 500 ml

    Plantapol Drenaspol 500 ml with raspberry ketone or ketone raspberry is your ally for the care of lineade simple and effective way. With inulin, horsetail, green tea, raspberry, cherry , ulmaria, fennel and birch is a formula very full for the care of diet and achieve weight loss effective. With stevia that improve your blood sugar

    15,95 € -37.5862% 9,96 €
  • Plantapol Fat burner Forte 20 blisters
    Plantapol Fat burner Forte 20 blisters

    Plantapol Fat burner Forte 20 vials 20 vials of 10 ml of extract coffee green, red tea, L-carnitine, citrus, guarana, and green tea that will help with the dose of 1 blister on an empty stomach in the morning is an assistant in the diet of loss of weight and volume to complement a strategy of weight loss.

    15,95 € -22.2759% 12,40 €
  • Plantapol Black Garlic Plus Oregano 45 capsules
    Plantapol Black Garlic Garlic Black Plus Oregano 45 capsules

    Plantapol Black Garlic Plus Oregano 45 capsules are indicated in the control processes of analysis, improvements in cholesterol and levels of sugars as well as to resist fatigue, eliminate fatigue, improve strength and ??resolve constipation, protect the liver, improve the activity of the prostate, promoting sleep. Best Garlic Black cheap

    19,95 € -40.1323% 11,95 €
  • Plantapol ColagenPol Complex 300 g
    Plantapol Colagenpol Complex 300 g

    Plantapol ColagenPol Complex 300 g is a product designed to improve the bones, joints and muscles. Planned to avoid sports injuries, vitalize the tendons and muscles of the body, in the same way, help the plasticity of the bones, increase the elasticity of the skin, slow down the fatigue and stimulate the recovery.

    18,00 € -16.95% 14,95 €
  • Plantapol Adipol 60 capsules
    -0,96 €
    Plantapol Adipol 60 capsules

    Plantapol Adipol 60 capsules with african mango extract plus green tea and chromium are an ideal complement to shape your figure thanks to a composition 100 % fat-burning, in a pack of 60 capsules is a supplement to your diet in format capsules which makes it easier to take. 2 capsules daily dose

    12,95 € -0,96 € 11,99 €
  • Plantapol Maple Syrup 1 Litre
    Plantapol Maple Syrup 1 Litre

    Plantapol Maple Syrup 1 Liter is the most complete syrup to complete the diet cleansing syrup sap. You already know lemon, a bit of cinnamon syrup and make your diet more complete debugging and toxins. It is to be able to debug the agency remove all the excess toxins and waste products.

    32,95 € -16.5275% 27,50 €
  • Plantapol Dormipol 20 Blisters
    Plantapol Dormipol 20 Blisters

    Plantapol Dormipol 20 Vials with lemon Balm, Poppy, orange Blossom, passion flower, Linden blossom, Hawthorn berries, Oats. it is a compound leader of sales to help the reconciliation of rest and relaxation. Format of vials to be able to take a daily is perfect for daily use, and to facilitate the reconciliation and break easily. Take a blister before...

    15,00 € -13.7097% 12,95 €
  • Plantapol Vitalon Fer 20 blisters
    Plantapol Vitalon Fer 20 blisters

    Plantapol Vitalon Fer 20 blisters a blister for the deficit of iron-organic. Recommended in cases of Iron deficiency organic. Anemia of the athlete, heavy menstruation, abuse of antibiotics, sick of long duration. Activator of the Vital Force. juice with spinach is perfect as it is 100 % natural

    15,95 € -25.1034% 11,95 €
  • Plantapol Shampoo Arbol del Te 250 ml
    Plantapol Shampoo Arbol del Te 250 ml

    Plantapol Shampoo Tree of the Te 250 ml of extract from the tree of you is perfect dewormer for all hair types, natural is perfect for the whole family. Use it in times of college and provide for asila infestation of the hair, the smaller d the house

    9,99 € -10.0484% 8,99 €
  • Plantapol Shampoo siberian ginseng Anticaida 250 ml
    Plantapol Shampoo siberian ginseng Anticaida 250 ml

    Has power revitalizing. Prevents hair fall. Strengthens the scalp. It is rich in nutrients. Helps the regeneration of the cells. It is a product designed for both women and men.

    8,00 € -18.7595% 6,50 €
  • Plantapol Raspberry Ketone Forte 60 capsules
    -4,78 €
    Out of stock
    Plantapol Raspberry Ketone Forte 60 capsules

    Plantapol Raspberry Ketone Forte 60 capsules ketones raspberry enriched with green tea and Kionutrime - Csg that is the chitosan plant more chrome and fructooligosaccharides all of this combines the effect of fat-burning ketones with the effect of augmenter of the metabolism of chromium by an exceptional combination in price to buy at the best price.

    15,95 € -4,78 € 11,17 €
  • Plantapol Spirulina 150 tablets
    Out of stock
    Plantapol Spirulina 150 tablets

    Plantapol Spirulina 150 tablets

    6,70 €
  • Plantapol Garcinia Cambogia 60 tablets
    Out of stock
    Plantapol Garcinia Cambogia 60 tablets

    Plantapol Garcinia Cambogia 60 tablets

    10,00 € -14.9615% 8,50 €
  • Plantapol Guarana 45 capsules
    Out of stock
    Plantapol Guarana 45 capsules

    Plantapol Guarana 45 capsules , thanks to its concentration is the choice to stimulate the care of the line, and gradual loss of weight. Thanks to guaranine is in addition to any diet is right that you want to do. Great price and great deal on the internet.

    13,00 € -30.8799% 8,99 €
  • Plantapol Shampoo Aloe Vera Frequent Use 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Plantapol Shampoo Aloe Vera Frequent Use 250 ml

    Possesses the regenerative power of aloe vera. It is designed to use frequently. It has action and fabric softener. Ideal for scalps mistreated. Excellent cleanser. Prevents hair loss.

    8,00 € -18.7595% 6,50 €
  • Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml
    -1,51 €
    Out of stock
    Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml

    Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml a natural complex with ginkgo biloba, bilberry, cypress and hammamelis, is an add-on is easy to apply and perfect for daily use. you can combine with the blisters beverage of myrtirutin that will make the two a perfect combination. Pushing in a refrigerator or cool place brings more freshness in your application.

    12,00 € -1,51 € 10,49 €

Present in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and America, Plantapol is a brand that has more than two decades of experience in the field of natural products. In fact, they are different sectors that have been decided in its use, since in the field of sport until the sector of the dietary or cosmetic.

The respect for the environment is not at odds with the quality of the products, proof of this is the brand that occupies us.

Plantapol, supplements

In terms of the range that plays the part of the nutrition Plantapol is specialized in food supplements. Find here different products ranging from healing natural iron supplements that improve the defenses, as well as to help you relax or enhance the circulation.

Plantapol, weight reduction

Plantapol has in addition to selling a number of products that help to control the weight, some of them to satiate the hungry, or to help people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

The power supply also occupy this brand, which sells products such as wheat germ, brewers yeast, brown sugar cane, coconut oil, goji berries or guarana powder, among many other things.

Plantapol, hair loss

But if there is a product that has special acceptance in the market among the products Plantapol, this is, without a doubt, Plantapol Collagen. Can be added in addition that takes vitamin C and D and is used to strengthen the bone system, as well as to problems of loss of the scalp and nails. Approximately four tablets daily, will also help maintain the health of your skin in perfect condition.

Plantapol, anxiety and stress

Another one of the star products currently on the market is the Polixir Plantapol. It is not surprising that it is one of the items of the brand's most sought if we take into account that today because of the stress and the anxiety to which we are subjected eat quickly and badly, with what our cavity bowel is affected oversize.

Polixir Plantapol helps the person to keep bacterial levels needed to combat problems diarrhoeal and intestinal distress in children and adults with a tendency to the same. The balance and digestive health are fundamental in order to feel well physically, with what you will find in this product a great ally.

It should be noted that in the process of making their articles have had the support of different medical specialists of prestige to collaborate and support the Plantapol products, this being a key to the growing success of the same in the current market.

If you have not yet product plantapolis, from here we encourage you to do it, you'll notice great results without having to resort to aggressive methods, since these are products that come from nature itself, nothing better for our well-being!