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Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks


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Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks it helps the maintenance and balance of the collagen chain, contains a patented marine hydrolyzed collagen (Naticol), pure and concentrated. Collagen accounts for about 80% of the weight of connective tissue and plays an essential role in ensuring cohesion, elasticity, mechanical strength and regeneration of the body's tissues

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Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks it is a product created to maintain the functioning of bones and joints, thanks to the fact that it includes collagen among its main ingredients.

ColagenPol Plantapol it has a great synergistic effect as a result of the active ingredients it includes, generating the maintenance of the joints, as well as the health of the whole body.

Plantapol Collagenpol it includes an essential protein, which must be produced naturally by the human body, being essential for the contribution of tissue elasticity.

Benefits of Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks

Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks it originates an excellent action in the fight against the aging of the skin, while helping to regenerate cells and the collagen chain, as a result the creation of collagen naturally is increased.

Plantapol Collagenpol it efficiently avoids the signs of aging by preventing wrinkles and decreasing expression lines, while providing its antioxidant effects.

Collagenpol Plantapol it produces anti-blemish results, while providing greater luminosity, hydration, elasticity and toning of the skin.

Characteristics of Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks

Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks it should be used on a regular basis to provide a great slowing of the signs of aging, while generating an increase in collagen production in a natural way, in addition to exercising the following benefits:

  • Provides great elasticity to the skin.
  • Provides greater firmness to the dermis.
  • It has great effect on decreasing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It offers a great content of natural fish collagen.
  • The skin is connoted extremely luminous.
  • It generates a great action in the reduction of wrinkles, sagging, anti-dark spots and antioxidants.
  • It generates a deeper hydration in the different layers of the skin and is maintained for a certain period.

Main Ingredients of Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks

Plantapol Collagenpol it is a product designed to contribute and help in the natural production of collagen in the body, this being one of the main components of the human body.

So that Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks it includes in its composition the following ingredients Fish collagen, Dry extract of sage, Sodium hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin A.

When these compounds are united, they generate excellent benefits in tissues and organs, resulting in excellent nutrition, while providing hydration, resistance, elasticity and flexibility. In addition to offering cell regeneration.

Plantapol Collagenpol it includes collagen which plays a biological role rendered an excellent function by increasing the benefits of elastin and glycoproteins, which are responsible for providing cohesion of tissues and organs.

Collagen helps to produce the regeneration of organs, especially acts on the regeneration of the skin, since this substance is one of the most common in the human body after water.

How to Use Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks

Plantapol ColagenPol 30 Sticks it is a product created to be used in doses of one stick a day, its presentation has 30 tablets which generates as a result that the packaging has a duration of one month.

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