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The Pills Tanning help to generate the stimulation of formation of melanin which helps to generate the tanning of the skin, as a result of the ingredients that are in your composition where you are including beta-carotene.

This compound helps to generate slowly that golden hue in the body after use for at least 3 months, helping to consumers who want to sunbathe and those who suffer from allergy to the sun.

Among the ingredients are antioxidants that generate various effects such as vitamin E or vitamin C, Selenium, polypodium leucotomos , or vitis vinifera.

Pastillas bronceadoras

Benefits of the Pills Tanning

The Pills Tanning contains among its main ingredients are stimulants of the color of plant origin, which is included in a group of pigments of colors called carotenoids.

  • This compound achieves act generating an antioxidant effect that benefits the body by helping to produce vitamin A, which is very important for the good health of the skin.
  • Benefits from achieving the prevention of burns that produces the sun in people that have sensitive skin because of some disease.
  • Helps in reducing the signs of aging early on the skin.
  • Generates a positive effect in the treatment of dry skin, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Involved in the restoration of the tissues of the skin deteriorated due to cuts and wounds, as it can be applied externally to treat sores, boils, and minimize stains that arise with age.
  • To help you build a healthy appearance of the skin, reducing the damage caused by UV rays, pollution, and smoking

As the Pills work from Tanning

The pills tanning are mainly comprised of beta-carotene, which helps the development of vitamin A, whose presence is linked with a pigment that is included naturally in some fruits and vegetables.

They also have among its composition some antioxidants such as lycopene and lutein, in conjunction with vitamins C and E.

In particular, vitamin E has confirmed that it has excellent properties that slow down the oxidative damage to DNA, in conjunction with a large amount of proteins and lipids, and this is why supplements are tied to this property of vitamin E.

You manage to keep your benefits in delaying the signs of aging associated with the oxidation reactions.

It is important to know that in any case these tablets replace, the protection that generates a sunscreen, which has an adequacy according to the skin type, so it is recommended to use a cream, applying it generously.

You must repeat the operation frequently to protect the skin from the effects of UV, remembering that a tan is the skin's reaction to make his defense to the ultraviolet radiation.

Best Pills Tanning

The Pills Tanning containing among its formula beta-carotene which is an ingredient of natural origin attached to a set of compounds that help prevent oxidation in the body in conjunction with other components.

ISDIN Sun Isdin Capsules, 30 Units

These pills are the result of an excellent combination of antioxidants, and enhancers of the pigmentation of the skin, this is a choice very complete thanks to its active ingredients.

In his formulation includes various vegetable ingredients such as green tea or the vitis vinifera, in like manner contains vitamin C, E and selenium to increase the result of the antioxidant effects.

In addition, it contains a high dose of beta-carotene which helps to generate an amazing protection for the skin, so that it displayed a tan is more beautiful, natural and long lasting.

For best result, recommended to ingest the pills a month before the period of exposure to the sun. keeping their consumption during the exposure time, it is advisable to take them for at least a period of three months.

People who have a tendency to get stains when they take the sun, who have light skin and sensitive or those suffering from allergy to the sun, can take pills with total confidence.

Heliocare 360º: For the most sensitive skins

It is made by brands that possesses a superior experience with the care of the skin against sunburn, providing them protection, but broad on the effects produced by the sun, giving also the pigmentation is accelerated.

They are widely recommended to be used by people sensitive to sun damage, skin very white, prone to burns strong o staining.

Have as main function to provide a high degree of protection, with a result antioxidant to help in those months in which the sun is more intense and helps to acquire a beautiful colour avoiding the sunspots on the skin.

Among its ingredients are the Polypodium leucotomos, vitamin C and E that help to enhance the antioxidant effects and prevents the dehydration of the skin or the generation of wrinkles.

It is recommended to consume one tablet daily for at least 15 days before the first exposure to intense solar, continue to take it throughout the period that has direct exposure to the sun and 20 days after the last exposure.

Heliocare Oral Bronze: For oily, normal and strong

Generates an effect of photoprotection advanced, but is especially recommended for those people who do not have sensitive skin or burn easily, that is to say, that are stronger and more accustomed to the sun.

These pills help to develop a barrier that block the UVA, although recommended to be used in conjunction with a sunscreen and avoid the periods in which the heat is stronger.

Among its ingredients contains a mixture of forskolin and beta-carotene which helps to generate the activation of the melanin, achieving a sun-kissed look beautiful with increased speed and security.

With these capsules almost one will notice as is acquired in skin color, without having direct contact with the sun, with just one shot a day for a month before taking the sun.

It is recommended to keep the intake of this pill during the entire period of exposure then you should continue for one more month to help extend and fix the tan.