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Pilexil Strensia 100 Capsules


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Pilexil Strensia 100 Capsules

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Pilexil Strensia 100 Capsules it is a nutritional supplement to stop excessive hair loss, help it grow quickly and that new hair is thick and resistant to external factors that can weaken it again.

It contains ingredients such as L-cystine, iron, Zinc and passionflower that provide the hair with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and at the same time keep the body relaxed, since stress is one of the factors that causes excessive hair loss.

Benefits of Pilexil Strensia 100 capsules

Pilexil Strensia 100 Capsules it is a food supplement fortifying the hair, since it stimulates its growth and strengthens the hair root avoiding breakage or excessive shedding of hair.

By containing passionflower allows people to stay relaxed, free of stress, which is one of the most common factors that causes hair loss. Pilexil Strensia it is a safe product to take, does not fatten or cause side reactions.

Pilexil Strensia it is an easy product to acquire since you do not need a prescription and you can get it in parapharmacies or online pharmacies, where you can get discounts on your purchase or the purchase of the product at a much more affordable cost.

Pilexil 100 Capsules it can be used by men or women who are experiencing hair loss as well as those who want to prevent alopecia. Amoxil it is also favorable for the nails, since they strengthen them and prevent their breakage.

Its format of 100 capsules guarantee you a treatment for 1 or 2 months so you will have treatment for longer compared to other products and the savings will be significant for your pocket.

Characteristics of Pilexil Strensia 100 capsules

Lacer laboratories are the creators of Pilexil 100 Capsules who through the combination of special ingredients managed to give people with these capsules what they need to prevent hair loss and help them stay strong.

  • One of its components is the Serenoa Serrulata which is a fan-shaped leaf with inhibitory properties, since it slows the action of an enzyme preventing the hair from weakening.
  • Pilexil 100 Capsules they help the hair grow healthy because it strengthens the hair root, having as Effect a thicker and more resistant hair against factors that can damage it.
  • L-cystine is another of its components, this amino acid prevents hair from weakening and losing.
  • The passionflower present in this nutritional supplement helps the body to stay relaxed and when sleeping allows you to rest better, avoiding high levels of stress that can affect hair production and your health.
  • The B vitamins help nourish the hair making it look healthy and shiny. They regulate the fat present in the hair and control the production of sebum in the scalp. 

Indications of Pilexil Strensia 100 capsules

It is recommended to take between 1 to 2 capsules of Pilexil Strensia accompanied by a glass of water or juice of your choice. You should ingest this nutritional supplement for at least 3 months. For greater effectiveness wash hair with Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo.

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