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Pilexil Shampoo Anticaida 300 ml


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  • Hair Loss Shampoo for daily use.
  • Formula that cares for and protects the follicle while promoting its growth.
  • Great improved composition.

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Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 300 ml it is a product to combat hair loss. Its formula contains active ingredients such as Serenoa Serrulata extract, conditioners, vitamins and Zinc which leave hair clean, healthy and strengthened.

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo it is an effective product that acts mainly on the hair bulb allowing to strengthen the hair follicle, stimulating its growth and avoiding its excessive loss.

Benefits of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 300 ml

Pilexil shampoo 300 ml it is an effective treatment to combat and prevent alopecia, since it contains a controlled pH that does not alter the natural pH of the scalp. It does not cause irritation or allergic reactions on the capillary area.

Components Pilexil shampoo 300 ml they were rigorously selected to make this shampoo an effective product that can be used by men and women who want to keep their hair clean, hydrated and abundant.

The general function of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 300 ml it is to repair, nourish and strengthen from the root of the hair to the ends. In addition, it contains conditioners that soften the hair allowing the styling to be easier.

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo leaves a delicious scent on the hair, provides hydration, moisture and all the nutrients the scalp needs to stay strong, shiny and abundant.

Likewise, it leaves on the scalp a feeling of freshness, reduces breakage in the tips and regulates the sebum present on the scalp, being very effective for oily hair.

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo it is a quality product that has a low cost which allows you to buy it easily to combat or prevent hair loss. You can get this product or others of the brand Pilexil in pharmacies or parapharmacies that frequent.


Characteristics of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 300 ml

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 300 ml it contains elements such as zinc, iron, magnesium, among other components that allow to stop excessive hair loss. Its components act on the scalp as follows:

  • Serenoa Serrulata: it is a fan-shaped plant with moisturizing, emollient and strengthening properties of the scalp which prevents excess sebum in the capillary area keeping it clean and protected against excessive hair loss.
  • Zinc: this component reduces excess oil in the hair and keeps the scalp clean.
  • Iron: promotes hair growth.
  • Magnesium: it is an important mineral that creates a layer of keratin on the hair allowing it to recover the shine and vitality lost due to fall and breakage.
  • Tocopheryl nicotinate is a vasodilator that allows the hair bulb to absorb nutrients for hair growth.
  • Pyridoxine: regulates sebum present in the capillary area.
  • Vitamin E maintains the hair growth cycle.
  • Vitamin C: it is a natural antioxidant that fights free radicals and protects the capillary area from UV rays.
  • Thiamine: it is a vitamin that gives vitality to the hair, in addition to repairing it when it is dry and brittle.
  • Protein hydrolysate: protects the hair area and gives elasticity to damaged hair.
  • L-cystine: is an acid that stimulates hair growth. Stops hair loss and strengthens the hair root against external agents

Indications of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 300 ml

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 300 ml it has two phases of application:

The first phase consists of the daily application of the shampoo on wet hair, gently massaging with the fingertips until foaming. Then rinse with plenty of water. Repeat the process again and leave on for 3 minutes. Remove with water.

The second phase is a maintenance treatment in which you should use the shampoo 3 times a week for 3 months. You can complement this product with others of the brand Pilexil such as ampoules, spray or capsules for hair loss.

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