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Pilexil Capsules 100 Units


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Pilexil Capsules 100 Units it is a food supplement of recognized effectiveness because it includes in its composition the most necessary active principles in situations of hair loss:

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Pilexil 100 Capsules it is a food supplement to treat excessive hair loss. It contains ingredients of natural origin such as iron, zinc and 9 vitamins that will make the hair grow healthy, strong and does not break.

Pilexil 100 Capsules it is a treatment widely used by men and women, its consumption is totally and does not cause side effects. Its effect is effective even when it comes to physical or psychic stress which causes hair loss.

Benefits of Pilexil Capsules 100 Units

Pilexil Capsules it is a food supplement that can be used by men and women who are suffering from hair loss due to stress, medication intake or a genetic condition.

These capsules are easy to ingest and you can take it with whatever you like, juices, water, even yogurt. Its effect is noticeable after a short time and not only acts against hair loss, it also strengthens the hair, moisturizes it and keeps it abundant.

The capsules Amoxil it contains Rivoflabin, which helps slow hair loss by regenerating cells and stimulating hair growth. In addition, it revitalizes and adds shine.

This food supplement does not fatten or cause other effects on the body. Its natural components are aimed at excessive hair loss and strengthening the hair follicle.

Pilexil Capsules you can buy it at a low cost in pharmacies or parapharmacies of your choice. Some of these sites sell these Pilexil capsules along with other brand products on sale, so you could take two products for the price of one.

Characteristics of Pilexil Capsules 100 Units

Pilexil 100 Capsules it is a food supplement that is composed of a series of ingredients, such as: L-Cystine, Glycerin, Iron, Vitamin B2, B6, B12 and Biotin.

  • L-Cystine is a compound that helps reverse the deficit of keratin which is necessary for hair formation. This same compound helps combat hair loss or fragility that it may have helping to strengthen it.
  • Glycerin is an organic ingredient that helps repair hair and restores lost vitality, especially if hair is dry, fragile, and tends to fall out. Likewise, it helps the ends not to open and that the hair is resistant and strong.
  • Iron is a necessary component for the scalp to stay healthy, as this mineral helps activate specific reactions in the body enzymes, which contribute to the hair stays healthy and in constant growth.
  • Vitamins B2, B6, B12 prevent hair loss, stimulate its growth, prevent it from drying out and premature gray hair. In addition, they help produce melanin to maintain hair color longer.
  • Biotin is a vitamin that allows to regenerate the cells of the body that contribute to the growth of hair. This vitamin gives shine, volume and softness to the hair follicle.

Indications of Pilexil Capsules 100 Units

It is recommended to take 2 capsules daily of Pilexil 100 Capsules for a period of 3 to 4 months. Eat with plenty of water or juice of your choice. Avoid exceeding the recommended daily dose.

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