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Pilexil Anticaida 900 ml


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Pilexil Shampoo Anticaida 900 ml

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Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 900 ml it is a product with an innovative formula based on Zinc, vitamins and dwarf palm (Serenoa Serrulata) which clean, moisturize, protect, soften the hair and stop its excessive fall, preventing alopecia.

It can be used by men and women of any age as well as in oily or dry hair being an effective product against hair loss. Its seboregulatory effect on the scalp allows it to remain clean and free of grease.

Benefits of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 900 ml

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 900 ml it is the perfect ally to keep the scalp healthy, clean and beautiful. Its natural formula provides positive properties to the hair since it mainly stops the fall acting from the root and strengthening the hair.

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo it stops hair loss, prevents the ends from opening and hair from being brittle or brittle. Its exclusive formula gives the hair shine, hydration and a regulating effect to those oily hair.

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo it is a dermatologically approved product, which repairs the hair and softens it thanks to the conditioners that its formula contains. Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo it does not alter the pH of the scalp or cause irritation.

Its 900 ml presentation guarantees you the use of the product for longer and means a significant saving for your pocket since it will last you longer. Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss 900 ml it can be used by the whole family.

Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss 900 ml you can buy it to strengthen your hair and to prevent hair loss if you start to notice more and more hair loss. You can get this shampoo in pharmacies and parapharmacies at a cheap price.

Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss 900 ml it leaves your hair clean, soft, ready to style and with a subtle aroma. Its effects are noticed progressively and acts effectively even when hair loss is due to stress, poor diet or weather times with high temperatures.

With the use of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 900 ml the hair gets more volume and density than it had previously, in addition, shine, moisture and softness that facilitates styling.

Characteristics of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 900 ml

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 900 ml it acts on the hair root providing the scalp with all the necessary nutrients to improve your hair health and avoid excessive hair loss.

  • The capillary structure is reinforced thanks to magnesium, Zinc and Serenoa Serrulata that contains its exclusive and innovative formulation.
  • It has a Ph suitable for oily or dry hair and special conditioners that give the hair softness and resistance to external agents such as cold or heat.
  • Vitamins B3, B6, B12 help strengthen it from the roots which prevents hair from breaking and falling out.
  • Magnesium also gives hair flexibility and shine.
  • Zinc keeps the capillary area free of grease.
  • L-cystine helps the hair follicle to be stimulated by improving its quality and stimulating its growth.

Indications of Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo 900 ml

Pilexil Hair Loss Shampoo it should be applied daily to damp hair by gently massaging the scalp for 3 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat the process again and remove the product rinsing with water.

It is recommended to use the first month daily, and from the second month you can apply it 3 times a week and alternate with another shampoo. To reinforce its effect it is recommended to apply anti-fall ampoules or anti-fall spray of the brand Amoxil.

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