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Pilexil 50 Capsules


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Pilexil capsulas 50 units, the container smaller of the formula more sold on the market, formulasa with serenoa serrulata , biotin, and cystine ensures you frener the fall of the hair and helps to improve hair growth and to stop the fall.

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Pilexil 50 Capsules it is a nutritional supplement for hair with natural components such as L-cystine, Zinc, iron and vitamins that help prevent or stop hair loss, help maintain it, grow, and protect it from external agents.

All these components combined give the hair several properties such as: the regulation of sebum present in the scalp, increased circulation in the hair follicle allowing it to receive nutrients, and regulate the hair cycle.

Benefits of Pilexil 50 capsules

Pilexil 50 Capsules it is a food supplement that can be used by men and women, which provides all the necessary nutrients to the scalp to prevent and treat alopecia.

Pilexil hair capsules it is a product that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness. A study was carried out with men and women where 94% of them obtained improvements before hair loss and managed to strengthen it with these capsules.

In addition, 74% of the participants obtained greater density in the hair showing a strong and abundant Mane. Pilexil capsules for hair is a safe and effective product, which will continue to take after trying it for the benefits and well-being it provides.

The presentation of Pilexil 50 capsules it allows you to ingest a nutritional supplement to improve the health and appearance of both hair and nails, making both strengthen and improve their appearance.

Pilexil hair capsules it does not cause side effects, does not fatten, and is easy to digest because it comes in soft capsules. Its effect begins to be noticed after a short time of Use and your hair will be stronger and more resistant even to external agents.

Capsules for hair of the brand Amoxil they are easy to find in pharmacies or parapharmacies of the country, you do not need a prescription to buy it, and their low price guarantees significant savings with a quality product.

Characteristics of Pilexil 50 capsules

Pilexil hair capsules it contains minerals and vitamins that allow to stop hair loss, strengthen it from the root and stimulate its growth. These components act in your body as follows:

  • Zinc: it is a mineral that helps to control excess fat in the scalp.
  • Iron: this component is responsible for maintaining the hair follicle intact and healthy.
  • Magnesium: helps the hair grow at a normal speed, gives it shine and prevents its fall.
  • Biotin: keeps the scalp free of sebum.
  • Vitamin. B6: regulates the hair cycle and adds volume to the hair.
  • Vitamin E: it is a natural hair protector against UV rays. Prevents the appearance of free radicals that can damage hair cells.
  • Pro-Life. B5: helps repair damaged hair, prevents the ends from opening or breaking and gives softness to the hair.

Indications of Pilexil 50 capsules

Pilexil 50 Capsules it is an easy to digest capsule, since it comes in a presentation of soft gelatin to facilitate its assimilation. It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day of Pilexil in capsules with plenty of water. Do not exceed the indicated dose.

The intake of these capsules should last 3 months at least and can resume its intake during seasonal changes such as spring and autumn. Keep this product in a cool, dry environment.

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