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The muscle problems are one of the usual medical consultations, in fact it is estimated that a high percentage of the population suffers throughout his life of problems, joint or muscle.

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  • Physiorelax Forte 75ml + 75ml Duplo savings
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    Physiorelax Forte 75ml + 75ml Duplo savings

    Two real containers of Physiorelax forte 75 ml. Discount savings format, Total amount 150ml. Used as a massage cream for care.

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  • Physiorelax Forte Plus Spray 150 ml
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    Physiorelax Forte Plus Spray 150 ml

    Physiorelax Forte Plus Spray 150 ml is an excellent spray for sports massage. Has this presentation in its main structure an atomizer that allows you to direct this formula to the affected area directly.

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  • Physiorelax Polar 250ml
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    Physiorelax Polar 250ml

    Family pack 250ml. Prepared for massage with cold effect. Used by specialists for cold effect sports massage. immediate cold supply of guarantee.

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  • Physiorelax CBD 75 ml Physiorelax CBD 75 ml
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    Physiorelax CBD 75 ml

    Physiorelax CBD 75 ml

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  • Physiorelax Forte Ultra Heat 75 ml
    Physiorelax Forte Ultra Heat 75 ml

    Physiorelax Forte Ultra Heat 75 ml one more step in the improvement thanks to susu's natural oils, and thanks to a composition leader of the market with the best reviews from users. provides warmth in a natural way thanks to the camphor which includes its formula.

    15,95 € -40.4401% 9,50 €
  • Physiorelax Polar 75 ml
    Physiorelax Polar 75 ml

    Physiorelax Polar 75 ml cold effect natural guaranteed thanks to its composition with natural arnica, calendula are essential for recovery of sensations, muscle bad or recovery injury, or shock. get ready for the races or marathons at the best price online.

    15,95 € -36.0395% 10,20 €
  • Physiorelax Forte 75 ml
    Physiorelax Forte 75 ml

    Physiorelax Forte 75 ml is a cream free from parabens and no paraffins, which thanks to its full range of natural extracts, it is essential to prevent contractures of the joints, and improvement of punches and be able to improve process painful.

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  • Physiorelax Kids Cherry Stick
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    Physiorelax Kids Cherry Stick

    Physiorelax Kids Cherry Stick

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  • Physiorelax Forte Plus 500ml
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    Physiorelax Forte Plus 500ml

    Suitable for all skin types. Contains natural ingredients. It has a high effectiveness. Decreases muscle fatigue. Presentation of 500ml. It can be used in large areas.

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  • Physiorelax Forte 250 ml
    Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml

    Physiorelax Forte 250 ml with natural properties thanks to a composition leader with calendula is ideal for toning muscles and possible improvements joint pain of any kind. At a great price supply in the non-pharmaceutical chemist's and pharmacy. Buy your physiorelax size large and received in 24 hours. made in Spain.

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  • Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml
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    Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml

    Massage cream. It generates a feeling of heat. Promotes muscle preheating Improves physical performance Increases the flexibility of the tendons. Reduces chronic pain in arthritis.

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  • Physiorelax Ultra Heat 250ml
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    Physiorelax Ultra Heat 250ml

    Family format 250ml. Massage cream to prepare protect and recover muscle and ligament. Apply with circular massages to increase its effect. Highly effective sports massage for its great contribution of heat. Highly sold specialists

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  • Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml + Thermogel Pack Hot and Cold
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    Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml + Thermogel Pack Hot and Cold

    Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml Physiorelax Thermogel Pack Hot And Cold

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  • Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml + Roll-On 50ml
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    Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml + Roll-On 50ml

    Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml. Physiorelax Roll-On 50ml

    19,95 € -20.0612% 15,95 €

In addition to rehabilitation, massage therapist, or fisioterapetuas, it is always great to have some ally of type gel or cream that contribute to alleviate such discomfort.

This type of pain do not emerge from the night to the morning, it is more often the result of poor postural hygiene. It is estimated that many of them are closely related to the work activity, as well as with the stress and anxiety of a rhythm of life that is increasingly fast-paced.

Athletes are also one of the groups most affected by this type of problems, as well as those who engage in some type of activity or have started on it, at times, by the fault of a bad advice.

With the arrival of summer, or after the excesses of christmas, the most deadly adds to the belief that all those extra pounds and those love handles will go away with a few visits to the gym. Nothing is further from reality, since in order to have results should be constant.

Add to this that humans have the stubbornness for the flag, it is estimated that by thousands of injuries that occur in the first few days of work, as we do in a day what is to be accomplished in months.

Physiorelax joints and muscles

Although there are ointments are several on the market, if you find yourself in this situation and you have some kind of problem at the level of muscle or joint, nothing better than to make yourself with a product whose base is natural, they are much less corrosive to the skin, as is the case of Physiorelax.

This natural cream massage has different types of applications, one of them Physiorelax forte, a cream is supplied in a tube of 75 ml or 250 and that is indicated in the treatment of the stiffness in joints and muscles. To be free of parabens can be applied on any skin type and your results are noticeable from the first moment.

It should be noted that in athletes its use is recommended both before and after carrying out the exercises, since it not only relieves the injury but also helps in its prevention.

Price Physiorelax Forte

The price of Physiorelax Forte does not go up of the 7 or 8 euros in the pot of 75 ml, hovering in his early in the 250.

Other products Physiorelax

Another of the products of this brand, which stands out for its quality, it is Physiorelax Ultra Heat, that the advantages which already has the own cream adds the heat effect. A massage cream sport very much used in the legs of athletes and soccer players, among others.

If you have sore muscles and you are also a sportsman, Physiorelax is the perfect travel companion for not to miss any training. Do not hesitate to make with a tube of this cream miracle, you'll be amazed!