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Physiorelax Polar 75 ml


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Physiorelax Polar 75 ml cold effect natural guaranteed thanks to its composition with natural arnica, calendula are essential for recovery of sensations, muscle bad or recovery injury, or shock. get ready for the races or marathons at the best price online.

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Physiorelax Polar 75 ml it is an excellent cold therapeutic cream indicated to provide a relaxing and analgesic effect to muscle discomfort. Its powerful formula manages to relax the muscles after performing any physical activity.

This cream is special for therapeutic massages relieving muscle discomfort. It is indicated to be applied in those specific areas where icy therapy is needed.

The cold effect of Physiorelax Polar 75 ml it produces a sense of relief due to its powerful components. A cold enhancer, menthol and camphor integrate this healing Muscle formula.

Application of Physiorelax Polar cream 75 ml

Cream Physiorelax Polar 75 ml it is ideal for therapeutic massages. It has a refreshing and relaxing effect providing great relief to muscle discomfort. Its composition is designed to work with cold therapies.

The presence of Arnica Montana in 10% is present, giving it a desinflammatory effect that helps to return the original conditions of the musculature after a continuous massage.

Its application is very simple and should be placed carefully in the injured areas. This product is not a  cold gel. It is a cold cream that has powerful properties that manage to heal areas that present some type of muscle obstruction.

This cream should be applied in those places where the placement of cold therapies is indicated. The application of Physiorelax Polar 75 ml helps in the decrease of muscle inflammation.

If the discomfort persists you can apply this cold cream and bandage the affected area, thus making a muscle occlusion. This is an excellent way to enhance this formula obtaining greater intensity in its application.

The composition of this cold cream is designed to deflate the affected area. The Arnica plant has healing effects and manages to decongest the conflict zone when applied consecutively.

To prevent cold therapy from producing any kind of dryness, Vitamin E and Thermal Water have been incorporated into its original formula. It is possible that the skin tends to become irritated by the effect of the cold.

Benefits of Physiorelax Polar 75 ml

It is important to care for the musculature when the body is continuously subjected to  physical activities. In muscle tears and other injuries where the application of therapies is required cold Physiorelax Polar 75 ml it's the solution.

There are multiple benefits that are achieved in the application of this powerful cold cream. Among these advantages we can get the following:

  • Relief of muscle pain with the consecutive application of Physiorelax Polar 75 ml.
  • This cold cream contains in its composition Arnica in 10 %. Important plant used in the pharmaceutical medium for general inflammation. Your specifications in your application through the Physiorelax cream,  they guarantee a decongestment of the affected area.
  • Vitamin E is excellent for the recovery of damaged skin and to prevent dryness. A high percentage of this vitamin is contained in this magnificent formula for cold therapies.
  • This cold cream can be applied to massage the muscles and tone them after performing some physical activity.
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