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Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml


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  • Container of 100 ml
  • Paraben-free and paraffin-free cream that thanks to its complete range of natural extracts
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What is Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml?

Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml it is a cream specially formulated to be used during the realization of massages, since it provides a warm effect and its components are absorbed quickly.

With its use it generates an improvement in the heating of the muscles before performing any type of sport, at the same time that it can be used after performing physical efforts at any time of the day.

Its formulation has been developed to not generate spots, nor leave the skin oily, so it includes in its composition a mixture of essential oils, such as arnica, harpagophyte, St. John's wort, calendula, peppermint, clove and capsaicin.

Why use Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml?

This cream has been formulated in order to generate an improvement in the performance of massages and apply heat therapy to increase the performance of muscles and related tissues, while collaborating with the reduction of chronic pain.

It has a fairly light texture that causes an extreme heat effect that collaborates with the increase of circulation, decreases pressure on the joints and improves the flexibility of tendons, ligaments and muscles.

It generates a lot of benefits during sports practices, especially in contact sports, functional training and for muscle preheating, so it should be applied before exercise.

What are the components of Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml?

This massage cream has a formulation that provides anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties as a result of its content of essential oils, among which are:

  • Arnica: provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, generating excellent benefits in the treatment of bruises, sprains, while reducing symptoms of rheumatic processes.
  • Calendula: it has anti-inflammatory properties and generates an improvement in circulation.
  • Hypericum: it generates an anti-inflammatory action and a refreshing effect.
  • Harpagophyte: reduces pain in the back, bones and joints.
  • Capsaicin and Peppermint: provides extreme heat and refreshing sensation.

How does Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml work?

This massage oil has a formulation to prepare the muscles and ligaments before and after physical activity, since it has a superior effectiveness as a result of the mixture of essential oils such as Arnica, Calendula, devil's claw and st. john's Wort.

This cream has a high content of ingredients that have been mixed with Capsaicin, which has been extracted from hot peppers to transform it into a very strong and innovative formula.

Who is Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml for?

Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml it has a composition designed for those who want to restore muscles after performing any sports practice or a long day.

Its formulation generates a superior effectiveness if it is applied in the company of some treatments, such as arthritis, spasms, neck and back pain, especially for the cervical and lumbar area.

It can be applied on the upper limbs, especially on the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, trunk and lower limbs such as the thighs, knees, twins and ankle.

Composition of Physiorelax Liniment Ultraheat 100ml

Capsicum, Complex Helenalin2 (Arnica Montana 10%, Harpagophytum Procumbens 5%, Calendula Officinalis 5%, Hypericum Perforatum 2%, Helenaline 0.02%) Methyl-Salicylate, Menthol, Camphor,Peppermint.

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