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Pediatopic a range for the treatment of skin atopica from babies up to any age at the best price to buy in your non-farmaciamarket

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  • pediatopic lotion 200 ml
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    Pediatopic Lotion Emollient Moisturizer 200 ml

    Pediatopic Lotion Emollient Moisturizer 200 ml lotion designed for the care of the baby atopic or problem skin, specially formulated for the care of the skin more delicate, and their daily hydration, always formulated without parabens or fragrances that may cause allergies or intolerances, and with the best views of pediatricians and specialists in the...

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  • Pediatopic lotion 500 ml
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    Pediatopic Lotion Body Care 500 ml

    Pediatopic Lotion Body Care 500 ml cream for moisturizing after bathing, the baby's formulated without parabens and skin more delicate. It is ideal for daily use without any problems or fears of allergies because it is a line designed for all skin types and especially for the more delicate with outbreak atopico, or the tendency to atopy. A moisturizing...

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  • pediatopic facial care pediatopic facial care
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    Pediatopic Facial Care 50 ml

    Pediatopic Facial Care 50 ml is a moisturizing cream face drink for any skin type, is intended especially for the skin atopica or a little dry but also you can use it in any baby or child as it is a formula sure that you avoid problems of intolerance, allergies or possible conditions dermatologicas.

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  • Pediatopic outbreak atopy Pediatopic outbreak atopy
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    Pediatopic Cream Outbreak 100 ml

    Pediatopic Cream Outbreak 100 ml cream ultra moisturizing intended for the outbreak atopic and effective treatment, it is complementary to the whole line pediatopic to achieve optimum results and perfect on the skin of the baby. Formulated by specialists in pediatrics and care dermatologico of the skin atopica of baby and child. It can be used in babies,...

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  • Pediatopic bath gel hygiene Pediatopic bath gel hygiene
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    Pediatopic Bath Gel Emollient 250 ml

    Pediatopic Bath Gel Emollient 250 ml for the care of the baby with atopy or possible intolerance of the skin to certain components of other gels. with the best views of pediatricians is specially formulated for daily use on any type of skin of the baby especially the sensitive skin or with skin problems. Pediatopic is a new line of ordesa for the care of...

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  • symbiotopic skin envelopes
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    Symbiotopic Skin 30 Sachets of 2 grams

    Symbiotopic skin 30 Sachets of 2 grams first add probiotics to improvement of the skin atopica from the interior, comprising a composition of the novel improves both the treatment and the care of the skin on the day of treatment, as recommended by a pediatrician and a dermatologist is the ideal complement to any treatment creams and skin care atopica.

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Skins atopic show a structural deficit of lipids and proteins determines their function of protection and defense of the skin against external agents (weather, mechanical, and/or microbial). Pediatopic, 1st line of supplementation cosmetic molecular mimics and enhances the processes of natural defense and immune atopic skin through the contribution of assets identified and/or developed through the study of the structure, function, and composition of the molecules biologically vital to the health of your skin. Its exclusive formula includes “DermoSense Complex”, a complex multiactivo that provides essential components of the Factor of Natural Hydration of the skin (FHN) that help control the signs and symptoms associated with atopic skin (dryness, itching, redness, irritation and risk of infection), restoring the skin barrier, providing a hydration in-depth long-lasting, instant comfort and improved tolerability of the skin. The range Pediatopic with DERMOSENSE COMPLEX provides specific solutions to different needs of atopic skin: