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Food is complete and balanced, specially designed for children who do not eat well. Improves the nutritional status accompanied by dietary advice.

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  • Pediasure Chocolate 850 g cheap Pediasure Chocolate 850 g cheap
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    Pediasure Chocolate 850 g

    Pediasure Chocolate 400 g food complete and balanced, specially designed for children who do not eat well. Improves the nutritional status accompanied by dietary advice. With all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients that children need. pot of 400 g

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  • Pediasure Vanilla 850 g Pediasure Vanilla 850 g
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    Pediasure Vanilla 850 g

    Pediasure 850 grams, package savings vanilla for children malcomedores that completes your diet by providing all of the vitamins necessary for your daily life. Our recipes

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  • Pediasure Strawberry 850 g Pediasure Strawberry 850 g
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    Pediasure Strawberry 850 g

    It contains protein. Food supplement. Oral or tube. Daily amount of vitamins. Use 1 to 10 years. Digestive tolerance.

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  • Pediasure Drink Chocolate 4x200ml
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    Pediasure Drink Chocolate 4x200ml

    Food complete and balanced Provides energy and nutrients Promotes the growth of healthy and strong. With 27 vitamins Nice chocolate flavor. Pack of 4 units.

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  • Pediasure Drink Vaiinilla 4x200ml
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    Pediasure Drink Vanilla 4x200ml

    Food is complete and balanced. Provides energy and nutrients. Promotes the normal growth of children. Including vitamins and minerals. Pleasant vanilla flavor. Pack of 4 units.

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  • Pediasure Powder Tin Vanilla 400g Pediasure Powder Tin Vanilla 400g
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    Pediasure Powder Tin Vanilla 400g

    With its consumption to compensate for the daily requirements of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Your job you can make as a food supplement or as the sole source of power. It can be ingested orally or can be administered through the tube. In its formulation will include the 5 groups of essential nutrients to promote the normal development of children....

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  • Pediasure Powder Tin Chocolate 400g Pediasure Powder Tin Chocolate 400g
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    Pediasure Powder Tin Chocolate 400g

    Collaborates with the satisfaction of the daily needs of protein, vitamins, and minerals of the children. Can be used as a dietary supplement or as a sole source of power, as it can be consumed orally or by tube. When you eat the right amount of servings promotes the intake of daily nutrients required by the body. Promotes the nutrition of children in an...

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PediaSure is an add-on alimentico very complete and balanced which is focused to be ingested by children up to 10 years of age, that already includes in its composition the 5 groups of nutrients that are needed for a better diet.

Creating in this way an optimum growth, as well as an ideal development, thanks to which each decision PediaSure offers a total of 37 key nutrients, which are 7g of a unique blend of proteins that possess a high-cost biological.

Also includes carbohydrates that offer an optimal contribution of energy and healthy fats that contain excellent quality, blended with omega 3 DHA and omega-6 AA batteries that provide support to the development of the brain.

In addition, it contains prebiotics that achieve the strengthening of the immune system of the child, as a result of ingesting this food supplement is the child you will get all the nutrients you need to perform your daily activities.

Benefits of PediaSure Children

PediaSure Kids is a food supplement specially developed to be consumed by children, it has a very simple and, above all, an excellent taste that makes it a product for easy consumption.

PediaSure Children is intended to be ingested by children who have up to a maximum of 10 years of age, who have a decrease in appetite or not to perform a total consumption of the minimum requirement of food daily.

This supplement helps in a positive and pleasant to supplement the lack of nutrients that children need to improve their physical and mental development, among other benefits of this product, we can name:

  • It offers different essential nutrients paw children as they are minerals such as calcium and iron, in addition to vitamins and proteins.

  • To help you build a better development in the field of physical and mental of the little ones of the house.

  • It is available in different and delicious flavours such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

  • Your presentation is prepared in powder or ready-to-use, and can be eaten quickly to complement the dinner, lunch or snacks.

  • In its powder form it you will find it included a measuring spoon, which offers a perfect preparation with the right amount.

  • This product can be prepared either with water or with milk, to temperatures of both hot and cold, everything depends on the taste of the consumer.

It offers a perfect child development in general, as well as in the states of convalescence, becoming an ideal product for the improvement of any illness and help you to achieve the recovery of appetite.

Composition of Pediasure

Pediasure is composed by a total of 5 groups of essential nutrients to supplement the power of the smallest of the house, as it contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

The product should be used under the recommendations issued by pediatricians, nutritionists, because for a better manipulation of your presentation can be found in powder form with two sizes each of 8 servings and another 18 servings approximately.

Also has a submission in the bottle with liquid contents that is great for to be eaten directly with delicious flavors such as vanilla and strawberry.

The intake of this product it is very important to benefit the development of the little ones of the house, especially if they suffer from loss of appetite or difficulty at the time of eating food.

Mode of Preparation of Pediasure

Pediasure has a presentation especially prepared to be prepared with water that has a nutrient balanced and it is not necessary that you be added to other foods as is the case of the milk.

But equally there is no side effect if, at the time of the preparation is added to milk, because of its high content of probiotics is recommended to be eaten at room temperature.

Although not generate any type of inconvenience if you consume the supplement is heated or eaten cold, this will depend on the taste of the child. In the same way it is recommended to avoid the use of microwaves in their preparation.

To perform the preparation of the powder should be placed in 225 ml of the extent of the shake in 190 ml of water, placing 5 measures of a product with a flavor of your choice and then shake until you reach the perfect dissolution of the same.

This product can be found on their presentation in powder produced in cans of 400 g and 800 g in three delicious flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and preferred for many that is Pediasure Chocolate.

There is also a liquid form ready-to-eat packs individual that can be ingested at the time of the snacks the little ones of the house, it can be consumed in three different ways in the form of a snack, in a recipe or meal.

If you want to get the best results it is recommended that you eat 2 servings a day, that can be ingested in a simple way without wasting time, since it can be ingested, immediately taking in account that can be prepared cold, warm, or natural.

As an excellent benefit of this supplement has three different flavors to vary it and this way you will not create boredom of the product so that the child does not want to ingest it regularly.

Depending on the age will be the recommended amount of this supplement, as children aged 1 to 4 years, it suggests the intake of 1 or 2 glasses a day, and children that are between 5 and 10 years should consume 2 to 3 cups per day.

Operation of Pediasure

According to studies, we obtained the Pediasure Opinions of the probiotics it contains is a base supplement in pediatric nutrition, why after 6 months of use in a correct way that is generated:

  • A reduction ideal of the incidence and the duration of the symptoms caused by the flu, such as fever, cough, or runny nose.

  • Decrease in antibiotic prescriptions.

  • Driven by a decrease in the number of days that the child is missing school for diseases

This product was not developed in order to replace any meal, on the other hand, is created to complement the food, provided that the intake of these is insufficient to provide necessary nutrients on a daily basis to the child.

It is not recommended the replacement of the main meals for this product, it is suggested to create recipes that include a variety of foods and can be ingested as a drink apart from the meals in the morning or in the snacks provided that the case is necessary.

Indications of Pediasure

There are certain situations in which you must use the Pediasure Children as a nutritional supplement, as it generates different contributions that will provide great benefits to the development pediatric:

  • Should be used in those children who have difficulties at the time of intake, full of the main food.

  • In cases that suffer from hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that is medicated with methylphenidate, because this medication achieves a reduction of appetite resulting in a delay in the growth of the infant.

  • To have a reduction of the intestinal flora generated by various acute situations in the intestines.

  • If you have any situation that creates difficulty swallowing or chewing like what are canker sores, orthodontics, tooth extractions, or pain in the throat.

  • When it has a physical way, for example, those children who engaged in extracurricular activities that have an increased nutritional needs, and energetic.

At the time of the use of this product, must ensure that the child to make an extension of your diet, offering new foods while the product manages to offer the nutrients that this needs to generate the growth in the right way.

You should consume the product before going to the college as a supplement to breakfast, mid-afternoon and at the end of the meals of this form does not create an interference with the main daily meals.

Consequences of the Consumption of Pediasure

bes a food supplement that is fairly complete and well-balanced, since it has a formula that manages to supplement the diet of children from the first year of life, being the season in which most leave food on the plate.

Therefore, the actions that exerts this product with fully beneficial, in order to create a super habit-forming food, and if the child does not consume milk can be replaced with other liquids such as yogurt, cheese, and calcium-rich foods such as fish.

This product is made with a super balance of its components so that it is not hipercalórico and if the child is to suffer from obesity would be to cause imbalances in the diet, administered with excess nutrients.

It is not recommended under any circumstances, the replacement of the meals for the b should only be used in the product to complement every one nutrient that the child is not receiving.

Time of Consumption of the Pediasure

This product is an add-on has been specially developed to ensure the contribution ideal of nutrients in children from his first year and due to its features is indicating that it has no objection to their intake to perform for long periods of time.

Therefore, you can consume during the time that is deemed necessary and without any kind of interruption, to have the highest security that it will not create problems in the child's daily life.

The intake of this product for a continuous period longer than two months, it offers the best long-term benefits in the physical and mental development of the infant.

Pediasure Chocolate

Pediasure Chocolate is a food that is balanced and complete, that you can give to take the children after the first year of life, this being the taste preference of the children in general.

Pediasure Chocolate is an excellent add-on to generate in the child's development and growth that they need in those first years of life, when you make a decision this product in powder provides the body with a total of 230 Kcal.

In addition, it contains a total of 8,91 g of lipid, also includes, 6,80 g proteins with an amount of 8 essential amino acids accompanied by 30 g of carbohydrates and symbiotic that reinforce efficiently the immune system.

Pediasure Chocolate is brought to the market in powder and liquid, and ready for your consumption at any time of the day and in any link, from the first consumption ensures the supply of energy and nutrients required for the healthy development of the child

Pediasure Views

There are various medical studies in which pediatricians generate Pediasure Opinions that indicate that this product improves the nutrition of children, achieving promote the growth of children with a short stature.

Other Pediatricians generate b that the mix of nutrients it provides, this product manages to cover so ideal requirements in children from 1 year to 10 years, which is low in weight, offering a great recovery.

Also found Pediasure Opinions that due to their content of symbiotic is a great support for the system immune from the little ones of the house, and therefore, their use is absolutely necessary.

In the same way there are other Pediasure Opinions of parents who have used the product in their children and indicate that some children to begin to take PediaSure have grown naturally out of weight since then.

In addition, the common opinion is that the Chocolate is the favorite, and provides confidence to know exactly the nutrients that this supplement provides.

Pediasure Price

You will find various Pediasure Price and this will vary depending on the presentation of the product.

  • The set Pediasure Price of the cans of 400 g of the product may find that the cost no offers found from 10.31 € 12,10 €.

  • Pediasure Price of the cans of 800 gr of the product without the tender can be found with a value 23,57 €.

  • In contrast, the Pediasure Price with discount is available from 8 € to 12€.