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Pedialac of Hero Baby in our non-pharmaceutical chemist online, where we work every day to make it easier for you to buy baby food online at the best price and with the best care, as always, looking forward to provide you with a little more life, without abandoning the most desired products and the best quality in the market.

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Pedialac Milks

Pedialac belongs to Hero Nutrition, offering a wide range of products of baby food pharmacy, to pamper your baby's nutrition from the first day, in those cases in which breastfeeding is not always possible or when parents prefer to give a nutrition with products adapted to the newcomers to the family.

Pedialac offers a range of child increasingly full with milk, add milk, cereal, and tarritos (the popularly called “potitos”) made thinking on the right nutrition and growth of your baby.

Formulated by a multidisciplinary team of expert, ranging from pediatricians to nutritionists and pharmacists highly skilled developers of a formula in a balanced and accurate for each of the stages in the growth of your little one.

In the laboratories of Pedialac constantly monitors each stage of the process, studying the bioavailability of the ingredients, healthier, as well as the caloric intake of micro and macronutrients in order to fight the new scourge of the TWENTIETH century and TWENTY-first of the developed countries: the obesity.

For this reason, it has been measured and adjusted the precise amount of proteins that a baby can take in each of their stages of growth, enriched with a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals are most suitable to their needs, provided in the most affordable way to be captured correctly by the digestive system of the smallest of the house.

In addition, Pedialac also incorporates their knowledge and research in probiotics and prebiotics to improve digestive functions, and improve the intestinal transit of your small consumers. Because from the first 4-6 months of the child, his or her nutritional needs increase, requiring more energy, as well as some key nutrients. Infant Formulas Pedialac contribute to the proper development of the baby, providing everything necessary to ensure a healthy growth.

Pedialac Price and Offer

  • Since a few years ago, Pedialac stands out as a leader in child nutrition in pharmacies, being an exclusive brand for the channel.

  • Defend a quality, research and innovation toe, supported by the dictates and advice of the Institute of Child Nutrition.

  • Pedialac collaborates with the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) and ExcelFarma.

  • Pedialac offers the best quality at the best price.

  • With the support of two specialized equipment: the medical visit (pediatric) and the visit of pharmaceuticals.

            The offer PEDIALAC Baby with infant formula (baby milk), cookies, potitos, porridge cereal, fruit compote, potitos-desserts. All of this developed taking into account the amounts of nutrients needed for proper development of the baby in all its stages, in process 100% natural, with ingredients of 1st quality steamed the exact time to maintain all of its properties, in the case of their tarritos, stylised in the water bath to be kept properly up to your home, without preservatives or dyes added.

They are also equipped with Hero Pedialac Plus, a food enriched with the nutrients necessary for the child who will not eat of it all, or not in the amounts necessary, to supplement their daily diet, while establishing a nutritional habits appropriate. It is specially designed to complement the diet of the children of 1-10 years who do not eat well, providing energy and nutrients for proper growth. Contribution of proteins, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D (for the proper development of the skeleton), iron, and iodine (contributes to the cognitive development baby's normal), Zinc, and vitamins A and D (for its proper functioning of the immune system), and vitamins B1, B2 and B5 (contribute to energy metabolism appropriate). Chocolate taste.