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Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml


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  • Removes bacterial plaque.
  • It acts between the teeth.
  • Contains fluoride.
  • It brings strength to the teeth.
  • Keep a fresh breath.
  • Delicious herbal flavor.

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What is Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml?

Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml it is a mouthwash specially formulated to complement the cleaning and to be able to eliminate the bacteria that form the bacterial plaque that brushing does not eliminate completely.

Its composition includes components that collaborate with the strengthening of the teeth and favors the maintenance of gums and healthy teeth, being able to be used in the care of sensitive gums and so that the breath is fresher.

Its ingredients can reach the areas between the teeth and around the gum preventing cavities and its fluoride content, gives strength to the teeth and generates a protective barrier with results that lasts up to 12 hours.

What are the benefits of using Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml?

This mouthwash has been formulated to be used as a complement to the daily hygiene of the entire oral area, since it includes a selection of components that favors the conservation of healthier gums and teeth.

Its formulation provides a feeling of freshness to the breath, while it brings strength to the teeth and generates excellent results in the elimination of bacteria that can cause problems in the gums.

In order to be used every day in the care of the gums and teeth, an improved and delicious herbal flavor has been included, while it does not include alcohol to provide greater protection to the mouth.

What are the features of Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml?

This mouthwash has a specific formulation for the care and conservation of a healthy mouth, since it prevents the accumulation of bacterial plaque, preventing its fixation in the gum line and between the teeth.

  • It includes components that collaborate with the decrease of problems in the gums.
  • Prevents the appearance of cavities.
  • It can be used every day for the realization of oral hygiene.
  • Collaborate with the conservation of a healthier mouth.
  • It has scientifically proven results in the conservation of healthier gums.
  • Complements the results generated by brushing.
  • It generates its results between the teeth and around the gum line.
  • It contains fluoride in its composition, so it improves the strength of the teeth.
  • Results in fresher breath.
  • Includes a presentation of 500 ml.

Who can use Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml?

Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml it has been formulated to generate excellent results in the prevention or reduction of gum problems, since it works by strengthening and reinforcing the gums and teeth.

It can be used by children over 12 years old, in order to complement dental hygiene and the results generated by brushing, since its formulation reaches the areas to which the brush does not have access.

Composition of Parodontax Herbal Mouthwash 500ml

Parodontax mouthwashes for daily gum care contain the following ingredients: Water, Glycerin, PEG - 60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Aroma, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Zinc Chloride, Gellan Gum, o-cymen-5-ol, Sodium Flouride, Sodium Saccharin, CI 17200.

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