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Pack Dental

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At the time of paying attention to dental hygiene, there are a number of products that contribute to the improvement and intensive care of the mouth. These products have presentations in packaging of a single product or in groups of several.

These groups may be directed to bring only benefits with different types of products, such as, for example, a pack dental oral hygiene child that contains a toothbrush manual, a cream for cleaning the teeth and a mouthwash for children.

It is important to know exactly what it is you want to achieve or what are the needs that must be met before you purchase this type of products, as all of its compounds are aimed to cover a single need.

Pack Dental

Pack dental Hygiene Daily

A pack that are designed to perform the routine care of the teeth can be generated manually and carry it in your purse for use at the moment is not in the home.

This small bag can be used anywhere, and it may include the following toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, and in some cases, you can include the irrigator dental portable.

Vitis Baby Pack Care Teeth and Gums

This pack is suggested to be used in the care of teeth and gums of children of the house, as it is necessary to teach children from a young age how important making a good dental hygiene.

This pack contains toothbrush for children, gel balm for gums, thimble silicone and a stuffed toy gift for your baby can play while you are performing a dental cleaning or gum.

After the phase of dentition is of great importance to maintain an excellent oral hygiene of the teeth and subsequently of the teeth end, so this combo with excellent quality products which allow you to perform good oral hygiene in the small.

The add-ons that have this pack are designed for the small to be entertained and you will be able to offer a high efficiency in cleaning.

Pack Toothpaste and Toothbrush Bamboo

It is a set that contains two products that are perfect to generate a few teeth and gums healthier, with an oral hygiene deep and encouragement that much cooler, thanks to its formula that is scientifically proven.

The set of toothpaste and toothbrush bamboo liquor of the pole contains a toothbrush made of bamboo with a bamboo handle and made in material that is 100% biodegradable, with strands of nylon BPA-free and with a medium hardness.

A dentifrice white and bamboo that contains 100 ml, with particles cleansers of natural origin of bamboo and aloe vera extract that strengthens the enamel by providing a few more teeth strong and healthy.

Contains a very high percentage of ingredients of natural origin that provide multiple benefits in the dental care and has a pleasant taste of mint.

Iwhite Instant2 Pack Mold Dental 10 Units more Brush Bleach

This pack is formed by molds disposable Iwhite2 which are molds that contain a gel with whitening effect to the teeth, and whose formula achieves a better obtaining the effect of bleaching immediately.

In addition, these molds are a perfect fit to the shape of the teeth with total ease. In addition, it contains a toothbrush with whitening effect without any cost.

Weleda Pack Care for Teeth and Gums

This pack dental containing toothpaste with salt 75 ml and a water type of ratania 50ml, this union of products is suggested to improve efficiently the decay and tartar due to its ingredients of natural origin, as the sea salt.


It is a toothpaste that contains as a main ingredient sea salt, does not include fluoride among its components, although it is still efficient in the fight against tooth decay and tartar, as it generates the self-cleaning by stimulating the production of saliva.

Its content of sea salt and sodium bicarbonate, in its natural state achieved by the neutralization of the acids that are harmful and which generate the reproduction of cavities in the teeth, since it minimizes the plaque produced on the denture.

The water type of ratania

It is a mouthwash that contains a large amount of ingredients of natural origin, which generated as a benefit to help maintain a healthier mouth, bringing a fresh breath, and providing more strength to the gums, avoiding bleeding.

 This water toothpaste contains myrrh and ratania that helps you achieve fresher breath, prevents the teeth lose their colour and improve all the oral tissue. Has No sugar, and no dyes, or surfactants, or synthetic perfumes.

Innovawhite Kit dental cleaning 1 Applicator + 4 spare Parts

Innovawhite Kit is a new treatment cleaning more quickly removes stains and restores the color to white teeth. Absorbs and removes stains on the teeth as the nicotine, the coffee, tea, or food stains.

The results are immediate and can be verified from the usa for the first time, you can see the results, especially in the removal of stains from tobacco.

Thanks to its ingredients eliminates 99.9% of bacteria found in the mouth and does not contain any kind of chemical agents that may damage the structure of the teeth.

This pack contains an applicator and four parts, and their mode of use is totally simple.

Pack Dental Care and Mouthwash

This pack is wonderful for a better oral hygiene at any time. This toothpaste helps in the prevention of cavities, plaque, and to protect the gums against any type of irritation.

The mouthwash, plaque, anticariogenic and antimicrobial that prevents oral infections and is perfect for use after brushing teeth, leaving a healthier mouth. This pack dental care and mouthwash of Lacer contains 2 toothpaste 125 ml each and a mouth rinse 200 ml.

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