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The pacifier is one of the items that are more controversy generated between specialists and moms. Despite the fact that its use has been associated with problems during lactation, it should be noted that because it does not have to be a problem if used correctly.

They are not recommended during the first weeks of a newborn's life so that it will grip better to the maternal breast. Once that period, subject to adjustment has passed, because it does not have to be any obstacle in its use.

In addition, it has been found that the use of moderate and controlled the pacifier in the baby helps to calm the crying, reduces anxiety and helps you sleep. To this must be added the fact proven through various studies that this article as defendant decreases the risk of sudden infant death.

For those moms and dads who have decided for the use of the same, one should take into account some guidelines regarding the use of this:

- The pacifier has to be a travel companion more in the growth of the baby, not a substitute.

-It is advisable to keep a maintained hygienic conditions to prevent us from visiting viruses and undesirable bacteria.

-Also, this is an article that should be changed a month or two of use, so as to avoid problems of breakage, which although are not common, they can occur.

That pacifier choose

In terms of the choice of one or another pacifier the first thing to keep in mind is that you must be the baby who decide on this point, not the dads on the basis of a design or aesthetic. The different textures and shape of a pacifier or other will determine the choice of the small.

In the first place the pacifier must be adapted to the age of the baby, depending on months of age your child is, he will need to use a type of nipple or the other, varying in size as the child grows.

The nipples can be both latex as silicone. The first one has a softer texture to the grip of the small, as well as a greater resistance to possible bites of baby teeth. Silicone, for their part, are considered hygiene larger and tend to absorb flavors or odors.

Similarly, a pacifier, you must comply with the current european legislation, according to a series of guidelines that are considered essential to avoid problems of choking, as well as oral hygiene or possible malformations.

Among these recommendations are, for example, rounded edges to prevent the child may be injured, two ventilation holes to prevent chafing at the friction, as well as nipples, flexible material. It is also necessary that are to be sold in closed containers and instructions for its use.

If you are making the bag for your future baby or a box for a gift to a family or special friends, don't hesitate to do with a couple of pacifiers that, to be sure, the dads-to-be grateful for those moments that the baby's crying seems to outdo ourselves.

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