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Pacifiers Dr Brown

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Have you been mom or dad recently? Looking for the perfect product for your little pirate or princess?. Line items Dr Brown is the solution to your doubts.

And as a blessing to fall from the sky, appears in the life of every mom and dad that article that so much controversy generated in the care of the little ones, the pacifier.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the pacifier is an item of debate among the dads, moms and specialists. However, there is something that does not go unnoticed either of them, and that is that, this little gadget has been invented to soothe the cries of the baby. A few tears that cause anxiety in newly constructed parents and the baby is confronted with a completely new situation when you exit the womb.

Its detractors argue that it causes deformities in the area, dentistry, however, it is important to note that most of the current designs that we can find in pharmacies and parapharmacies several are supported by the sector odontopediátrico. In fact, the brands they work with the opinions of these specialists.

In this sense, it is worth noting the line of pacifiers Dr Brown, recommended by pediatricians at international level. This fact is not surprising if we take into account that, for example, the line to Prevent has been developed by a pediatric dentist, highlighting among its features:

-A suction-free air, which minimizes the possibility of causing problems on the palate.

-Your comfort, because of their anatomy ultrafine impact oral is lower.

-Just like the clothes is designed in three different sizes that, in this case dealing with the following stages: 0-6 months, 6 to 18 and + 18 months.

If you are mom or dad and you've decided on the use of the pacifier in the upbringing of your child, Dr. Brown provides you with the confidence, security, and comfort that you are looking for.

The suction is for the baby is a biological necessity that must be taken into account by the parents. In fact, it is common in the ultrasound to see the baby sucking his finger, hence, in order to avoid this habit innate in them that today there are many professionals that advise the use of a pacifier as an alternative, thus avoiding possible injuries or malformations of the hands.

If, in addition, for any reason, such that the incorporation in the work or because they have decided to both parents, I have opted for the artificial feeding, it is worth noting the line of baby bottles Dr Brown. Highlights of her the importance that the brand gives to the loss of nutrients during the process of feeding with a bottle, something that has been confirmed through various studies. Dr Brown's bottles worked hard for maintain the level of nutrients A,C and E in the shots.

You can find all the articles Dr Brown in our non-pharmaceutical chemist's, at the best price and with the highest quality when working with products for babies first quality.

Don't wait any longer to give it a try with your baby, pacifiers Dr Brown!