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  • otostick baby otostick baby
    Out of stock
    Otostick Baby Proofreaders Aesthetic 8 units

    Otostick baby correctors ears for babies over three months of life. WITH A GIFT OF A HAT PRACTICE. 8 units

    17,94 € -11.1261% 15,95 €
  • otostick adult corrector ears otostick adult corrector ears
    Out of stock
    Otostick Proofreaders Aesthetic 8 Units

    Otostick Checker estetica ears made in silicone, hypoallergenic, and easy-to-use in children older than three years. 8 units

    16,95 € -10.3498% 15,20 €
  • Baby Sebamed Pack Wipes, Ointment Treating
    Out of stock
    Baby Sebamed Pack Wipes, Ointment Treating

    Baby Sebamed Pack Wipes, Ointment Treating a pack made by wipes oily in the format of 70 units but the ointment treating sunburn of baby sebamed. It is a pack very complete for the treatment of culete and the problems arising. A pack with a discount for the entire treatment of the change of the diaper of babies and elderly people

    20,00 € -43.9806% 11,20 €
otostick is a corrector of ears for babies and children, to conceal offer price and price susu protruding ears, with the best views of specialists and made of a silicone specially tolerated by infants and children