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Otc Anti-lice Lice Repellent Spray 125 ml


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Otc Anti-poisons Anti-poisons Repellent Spray 125 ml laboratorios otc has created the first lice and hair parasite repellent spray, thanks to n butyl beta ethyl alaninate, it can be applied to children over two years, with a new aroma and lower alcohol content.

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What is Otc Anti-Lice Lice Repellent Spray 125 ml?

The Otc Anti-lice Lice Repellent Spray 125 ml it is an effective product to combat the lice infestation. It is designed to be applied to the hair and skin to prevent lice infestation and prevent its spread. The product contains a combination of active ingredients that kill lice and eggs.

It is clinically proven to be safe for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Its formula does not contain insecticides or harsh chemicals, so it is safe to use on the whole family. This is a great way to prevent lice infestation and protect the whole family.

Benefits of Otc Anti-Lice Lice Repellent Spray 125 ml

It is composed of a unique blend of herbal essential oils and vegetable oils that act safely and innocuously for the child's scalp. The main benefits of its use are as follows:

  • Effectively removes lice without damaging the child's scalp
  • Acts as a natural lice repellent to prevent infestation
  • Provides a gentle and pleasant formula for the child's scalp
  • Contains broad-spectrum natural ingredients to fight lice
  • Provides a refreshing and pleasant fragrance
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals or pesticides
  • It is available in an easy-to-apply 125 ml bottle

Why buy Otc Anti-lice Lice Repellent Spray 125 ml?

It is an effective and quality product to prevent and eliminate lice. It is formulated with ingredients that help repel lice and protect the person using it. The spray contains peppermint oil, a natural ingredient that kills lice and prevents their spread.

The spray also contains a mixture of natural herbal oils that help repel lice and keep them away. In addition, the product does not contain pesticides or other chemicals harmful to health. For all these reasons, the OTC Anti-Lice Lice Repellent Spray 125 ml is an excellent choice to prevent and eliminate lice.

How to Use Otc Anti-lice Lice Repellent Spray 125 ml?

  1. Shake the spray well before using it
  2. Place the mouthpiece at a safe distance of about 15 cm from the patient's head and shoulders
  3. Evenly spray the top of the patient's head, nape of the neck and shoulders
  4. The use of this spray is not recommended in children under 6 years of age
  5. Use the spray every 3-4 days to maintain the repellent effect
  6. After use, close the spray tightly

Opinions about Otc Anti-Lice Repellent Spray Lice 125 ml

Many users have pointed out that this product works very well to remove lice and eggs from the hair. Users have highlighted the ease of use of the product, as it is easy to apply, does not stain clothes and is an effective product.

Users have also highlighted the good fragrance of the product and the fact that it is not necessary to rinse the hair after applying the product. Users have commented that the product is a good solution for the treatment of lice and that it is a cheaper option than other lice treatment products.

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