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Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax


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Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax a duplo on offer with two original containers of 7 wax bars each. A very simple wax to use to deposit the top of the bracket and prevent rubbing with the mucous membranes of the mouth causes wounds that lead to an ulcer. Always keep in cool place. It does not cause allergies and is recommended by dentists. 

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What is Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax?

Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax they are bars made from wax in order to provide superior care to people who have Braces, protecting the entire oral mucosa.

With its use it is prevented from generating sores and small oral lesions that are usually caused at the beginning of orthodontic treatments, since they originate as a result of rubbing the metal attachments of the device with the soft tissues of the mouth.

It provides superior protection to the entire area of the tongue, inner part of the cheeks, lips, among others, so it can be applied every day until the deterioration caused in this area is reduced.

What benefits generates the use of Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax?

This orthodontic wax has been developed in order to provide oral care to those who have orthodontics, in order to prevent the creation of dental plaque and minimize inflammation of the gums.

It includes in its formulation components that favor the remineralization of the enamel and provides superior care during the initial days of the placement of the orthodontic treatment to avoid all types of erosions in the oral mucosa.

At the same time prevents discomfort arising as a result of chafing, since its composition is non-toxic, so if swallowed a little during food will not generate any problem.

How does Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax work?

This wax has been made in order to be applied directly on orthodontic appliances, in order to calm and reduce chafing, since it generates an extra protective barrier in the oral mucosa.

It includes in its composition a mixture of triclosan and zinc chloride, generating a block in the multiplication of bacteria in the mouth, while containing zinc chloride to reduce bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

In addition, its composition has a mixture of Vitamin E and provitamin B5, which increases the strengthening of gingival tissues preventing aggression caused by dental plaque that is usually deposited in this area.

Its formulation generates an improvement in remineralization of tooth enamel and it is essential to mention that this wax can harden with cold, so if heat is applied with your fingers it softens and to be handled easily.

Who is Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax for?

Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax it has been developed for those people who have recently placed Brackets and need to reduce the discomfort caused by orthodontics.

How should Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax be used?

You should only take a piece of the wax bar, that are a little larger than the bracket and model with your fingers until you create a ball that will be placed on the device, squeezing until it is well fixed.

Composition of Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax

Microcrystalline Wax, Paraffin, Hydrotreated Wax (Petroleum).

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