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Ortolacer Mint mouthwash 500 ml


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  • Suitable for people with orthodontics.
  • Protect your teeth.
  • It includes a delicious mint flavor.
  • Contains Fluoride.
  • Does not include alcohol.
  • Prevents the formation of dental plaque.

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Ortolacer Mint mouthwash 500 ml it is an excellent mouthwash that can be used daily and has been specifically developed to collaborate in the prevention of dental plaque.

Its formulation favors the restoration of the state of the gingival tissues, while blocking the generation of dental plaque, specifically in the interdental spaces, between the braces and in the arches of the appliances.

In addition, it improves the epithelial regeneration of the gums, toning them and strengthening them, which leads to the improvement of resistance to new appearances.

Benefits of Ortolacer Mouthwash mint 500 ml

It is a mouthwash specially formulated that includes a delicious mint flavor, so it originates excellent benefits in those people who carry orthodontics improving their oral hygiene.

Its formulation has been developed in order to improve daily hygiene and prevent the appearance of future oral alterations as a result of orthodontic treatment.

With its use it provides an efficiency in the elimination of microbes and bacteria that multiply in the mouth as a result of its content of triclosan mixed with zinc chloride.

This composition results in prolonged blocking of bacterial activity, leading to the prevention of dental plaque formation and gingival problems.

Operation of Ortolacer Mouthwash mint 500 ml

Ortolacer Mint mouthwash 500 ml it includes zinc chloride in its formulation in order to reduce gingival bleeding and reduce inflammation of the gums.

At the same time its content of vitamin E mixed with provitamins B5 collaborates with the strengthening of the gums against the aggression caused by the bacteria that form dental plaque.

With its use, the remineralization of tooth enamel originates, as a result of the effective microbial action of triclosan that decreases the generation of dental plaque formation in a prolonged way, decreasing the inflammation of the gingival tissues.

Resulting in the prevention of the appearance of gingivitis and gingival bleeding. In addition, it has no contraindications, or side effects, so it can be used daily and for a long time.

Indications of Ortolacer mouthwash mint 500 ml

It is a mouthwash specially formulated as a complement to the daily oral care of orthodontic carriers, since it favors the prevention and effective control of dental plaque.

In addition, with its regular use it favors the prevention of gingival conditions focusing on gingivitis and can be used in cases where you suffer from halitosis to prevent bad breath.

How to Use Ortolacer Mouthwash mint 500 ml

Ortolacer Mint mouthwash 500 ml it should be used after tooth brushing, making the mouthwash at least two or three times a day using the amount of 10 to 15 ml undiluted and then allow the liquid to circulate throughout the area of the mouth.

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