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  • Kin Oro Tabletas Limpiadoras 64 +32 Tabletas Limpiadoras
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    Kin Gold Cleaning Tablets 60 Units Gift Sample

    Kin Gold Cleaning Tablets 60 Units Gift Sample it is a pack that aims to be used to clean dentures and other orthodontic appliances such as discharge splints.

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  • Brush Vitis orthodontic Brush Vitis orthodontic
    Vitis Toothbrush Orthodontic

    Vitis Toothbrush Orthodontic is designed and developed for the care of the teeth with orthodontics that need cleaning in those parts, so hard to where they are waste of food.

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  • Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets
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    Polega Accion Total 66 Effervescent Tablets

    It provides double action for the cleaning and complete maintenance of dentures. It fights efficiently against the bacteria that cause bad breath. Collaborates with the reduction and elimination of oral stains. It exerts a great disinfectant action. It can be used in partial dentures in both metal and acrylic and orthodontics

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  • Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 7 Bars Wax
    Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 7 Bars Wax

    Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 7 Bars Wax a simple way to protect the mucous membranes of the mouth as well as the gums and tongue, you should simply place a piece on the bracket that is causing the wound and discomfort on the mouth. Round it to the shape and apply it directly and you will avoid more pains.

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  • Novafix Tablets Cleansing 108 Tablets
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    Novafix Tablets Cleansing 108 Tablets

    Novafix Tablets Cleansing 108 Tablets are created to whiten and to remove the plaque and bacteria that we can store in dental prostheses, as well as the appliances in orthodontics

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  • Steradent Cleaner Pills 30 + 30 Pills
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    Steradent Cleaner Pills 30 + 30 Pills

    Generates a more intense cleaning. It gets where toothbrushes can't. Discard more plaque. Eliminates a high percentage of bacteria. Promotes the hygiene of the dental prosthesis. Presentation of 30 plus 30 pills.

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  • Steradent Triple Action Cleaner 30 Pills
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    Steradent Triple Action Cleaner 30 Pills

    Generates triple action. Cleaner for dentures. Contains 30 units It generates micro-bubbles. It carries oxygen. Eliminates bacteria.

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  • Polega Biactive Oxygen 66 tablets Saving Format
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    Polega Biactive Oxygen 66 tablets Saving Format

    With its use, a large number of bacteria that cause the proliferation of bad smell in the mouth is eradicated. Provides a cleaner, fresher and brighter prosthesis. These denture cleaning tablets have a very fast action that is exerted in as little as 3 minutes. It is created without any flavor so it does not alter the perception of food. It is created...

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  • Poligenic Biactive Oxygen 108 effervescent tablets
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    Poligenic Biactive Oxygen 108 effervescent tablets

    Provides disinfectant action. Promotes cleanliness. Preserves the freshness of the prosthesis. Contains an antibacterial agent. Includes Active Oxygen Accelerator. Promotes teeth whitening.

    15,95 € -21.6345% 12,50 €
  • Novafix Tablets Cleansing Duplo 60 units
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    Novafix Tablets Cleansing Duplo 60 units

    Novafix Tablets Cleansing duplo 60 units are designed with the objective of maintaining an excellent cleaning dental prostheses and orthodontic treatment, are created in a format and medium, that are easy to use.

    5,50 €
  • orthodontic brush lacer
    Orthodontic Brush Lacer

    Lacer Orthodontic brush, with a small head that facilitates access to the most difficult areas by orthodontics, easy total and integral cleaning of the mouth.

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  • Kin Orthodontic Wax 5 Units
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    Kin Orthodontic Wax 5 Units

    Brackets help optimize dental health, rectifying the position of the teeth and preventing the formation of holes where it is easier to form bacterial plaque, these same devices can end up being harmful to the mouth.

    4,00 € -12.5775% 3,50 €
  • Steradent Triple Action 60 + 30 Pills
    Steradent Triple Action 60 + 30 Pills

    Generates triple action. It favors the daily cleaning. Improves brushing results. Protects from gingivitis. Purifies the oral area. It eradicates bacteria.

    19,95 € -23.8216% 15,20 €
  • Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax
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    Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax

    Ortolacer Orthodontic Wax 14 Bars Wax a duplo on offer with two original containers of 7 wax bars each. A very simple wax to use to deposit the top of the bracket and prevent rubbing with the mucous membranes of the mouth causes wounds that lead to an ulcer. Always keep in cool place. It does not cause allergies and is recommended by dentists. 

    6,00 € -28.4083% 4,30 €
  • Kin Oro Cleansing Tablets 30 Units
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    Kin Oro Cleansing Tablets 30 Units

    The Kin Oro Cleansing Tablets 30 Units they are tablets that have the function of disappearing stains and also cleaning the plaque attached to dentures, orthodontic appliances and discharge splints.

    4,20 €
  • Steradent Triple Action Cleaner 60 Pills
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    Steradent Triple Action Cleaner 60 Pills

    Effervescent tablets. Antiseptic action. Fights bacteria. Brings freshness. Activate oxygen. Remove the plaque.

    17,95 € -15.3337% 15,20 €
  • Corega Oxígeno Biactivo 30 comprimidos efervescentes
    Polega Biactive oxygen 30 effervescent tablets

    It exerts a great maintenance of the prosthesis or in the oral apparatus reaching an optimal state of cleanliness. The cleaning action manages to last throughout the day. Improves the decrease in the creation of dental plaque. It is not abrasive, managing to generate cleanliness without scratching and provides a better place for the multiplication of...

    5,95 € -29.4715% 4,20 €
  • Vitis Orthodontic mouthwash 500 ml
    Vitis Orthodontic mouthwash 500 ml

    VITIS orthodontic mouthwash 500 ml is the mouthwash for daily use for people suffering from orthodontic appliances. Its formulation is specifically targeted to the daily care of the mouth, teeth and gums.

    10,00 € -24.012% 7,60 €
  • Vitis Pasta dental orthodontic
    Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste 100 ml

    Protects the enamel of the teeth.Promotes the state of the gums.Prevents the sensitivity of the gums.Improves oral hygiene.Do not include gluten.Prevents and treats mouth sores.

    6,00 € -17.5403% 4,95 €
  • Orto lacer mint mouthwash Orto lacer mint mouthwash
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    Ortolacer Mint mouthwash 500 ml

    Suitable for people with orthodontics. Protect your teeth. It includes a delicious mint flavor. Contains Fluoride. Does not include alcohol. Prevents the formation of dental plaque.

    6,95 €
  • Ortolacer Mouthwash Lime 500 ml
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    Ortolacer Mouthwash Lime 500 ml

    Ortolacer Mouthwash flavor to lima, 500 ml, protects the gums and braces, enriched with fluoride, vitamin E and provitamin B5.

    6,95 €
  • Vitis Orthodontic Tablets Cleaners 32 pcs
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    Vitis Orthodontic Tablets Cleaners 32 pcs

    Vitis Orthodontic Tablets Cleaners 32 pcs for cleaning orthodontic appliances efficiently, safely and with quality dentaid. To ensure the most efficient and effective prodcuto you should dip into the water with pill at least 15 minutes after you have completely dissolved the effervescent tablet. It is a treatment that increases the length of the apparatus...

    6,00 € -16.9355% 4,99 €
  • Lacer Bag Travel Toothbrush Toothpaste 50 ml Coluorio Shows
    Out of stock
    Lacer Bag Travel Toothbrush Toothpaste 50 ml Mouthwash...

    Lacer Bag Travel Toothbrush Toothpaste 50 ml Mouthwash Shows a pack made for a pasta lacer normal 50 ml, toothbrush half travel which takes up a lot less with a normal one, a gift from a sample of mouthwash lacer for oral hygiene integral. A package deal as a bag very practical to carry to any place.

    6,00 € -24.98% 4,50 €

The science that has as a purpose to make the prevention, identification and resolution of alterations of the teeth by means of the installation of forces and diverse appliances, fixed or removable is orthodontics.

The orthodontic appliances can be used to restore the position or malocclusion of the teeth, in people of any age, although it is important to mention that the best results occur in children who have temporary teeth.

During the stage of childhood is possible to identify some pathologic abnormalities that can be corrected in a way more easy with devices that are removable, thus making then be easier to fix with fixed appliances.


Indications for Orthodontic treatment

It is recommended that when the child is seven years of age can make the first visit to the orthodontist, although there are certain problems that must be treated at younger ages.

It is important to mention that, depending on the type of treatment to be performed, the patient's age and the complexity of the same, it is estimated that an orthodontic treatment can last approximately between 12 and 36 months.

Now perform this type of treatment in adults. In the same way can be made using appliances, fixed or removable, depending on the problem you need to troubleshoot.

These appliances are manufactured with items that can be metal or transparent, the latter of which are designed to obtain a better aesthetic quality and that the adult does not preclude the normal performance of his daily life.

Alterations that addresses the Orthodontic

Some people have the belief that orthodontics has no other purpose than to move the teeth only to generate an aesthetic improvement, and nothing could be further from reality, since this treatment can improve many functional disorders of the system oronasal.

Also, it can help to prevent and treat bad dental position and the disharmony of the face, among other alterations include:

  • Malposed tooth: go to the orthodontics at the time that the crown of a tooth is displaced seriously its position relevant.
  • Incisors with bad angle: place devices fixed that help to correct the angle of the upper incisors, lower and both of them, all together.
  • Premature loss of milk teeth: the moment that you lose a molar is viable that is required to place a ‘space maintainer’ so that the new tooth has its site retained.
  • Overbite: the anterior teeth of the upper arch exceed the bite more than half of the height of the lower teeth, this is a problem of malocclusion type II, which can be solved in a certain way with orthodontics.

When this modification is a result of problems of the skeleton, it should be directed during childhood and adolescence, because in adulthood, the brackets will change only partially the position of the maxilla.

  • Underbite: lower teeth are elongate in an exaggerated way forward or the upper is pulled too far back or forward the lower jaw.

It is possible correction with a expander that is set in the upper jaw to extend it and widens as it grows the jaw.

In some cases, it is used a face mask anti prognathism around the head to apply a force on the lower jaw that goes relocating on your site.

  • Crossbite: one or several of the teeth of the upper arch is located behind the lower to the bite, it is simply your correction in children thanks to an expander fixed on the palate.

This is going widened progressively every day with a wrench until the bone is fixed. In adults, it may be mandatory to attend this type of orthodontic corrective surgery.

  • Open bite: when the upper and lower teeth are not hidden, and generates a gap between them to make the bite, you can use an expander in children as a preventive measure.

You can also use appliances and braces in adolescents, but it is possible the need to resort to surgery in the case of adults.

  • Teeth rotated: orthodontics is able to make movements turned to place the tooth in a precise way.
  • Displaced midline: use the brackets to harmonize the middle line of the upper teeth with the middle line of the lower.
  • Excessive space between teeth: orthodontic appliances fixed manage to close the space by moving in to block the entire tooth, including both the crown as the root.
  • Crowding of the teeth: this is a procedure more aesthetic, in which it is feasible to use the orthodontic treatment in order to bring the teeth, or to the shape of the face to a more normal position.
  • Problems with speech: these devices can solve problems with speech, that is to say, the difficulty to pronounce certain phonemes correctly, caused by projection of the jaw, anterior open bite, swelling of the incisors of the upper part, overbite side, removal of upper molars.
  • Mouth breathing: a plate vestibular which makes it impossible for the patient to perform the breathing through the mouth can be of great help in the treatment, this will determine an otolaryngologist for these cases.
  • Sleep Apnea: there are some opportunities in which this disorder is the result of an alteration of the occlusion when the development of the lower jaw has not been normal, so that the use of the orthodontics to fix the bite can help in this disorder.
  • Problems of articulation of the jaw: it may sometimes be useful the use of mouth guards or bite, also known as splints or appliances.

Their effectiveness varies greatly among patients suffering from disorders of the muscles and the joint, which can affect the joints and chewing muscles that connect the lower jaw to the skull.

Your symptoms are difficulty or discomfort when biting or chewing, popping, or grating sound when opening or closing the mouth; facial pain deaf in the face; and headaches or ear sensitivity or locking of the jaw.

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