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Organic Ghee Butter 300g


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  • Does not contain dyes.
  • Contains no preservatives.
  • Contains no added sugars.
  • Ideal for ketogenic diet.
  • Does not contain gluten.
  • Obtained with organic farming.

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What is Ghee Bio Butter 300g Keto Drasanvi for?

The Organic Ghee Butter 300g it is only the clarified butter where the milk is separated from the butter through its cooking.

This allows this product to contain only the fat of the butter that was subjected to this process. It is a product of Drasanvi that is part of its KETO DIET line, which is dedicated to the elaboration of ideal products for consumption in ketogenic or low-carbohydrate diets.

The brand Drasanvi is a specialist brand and leader in the sector of natural food supplements. It has earned this reputation thanks to its many years in the sector and the development of the high quality of its products. This particular has been developed in an artisanal and careful way to generate the least impact on the environment.

Below we will tell you the main things you should know about this product, including its features and some suggestions for use.

Characteristics of Butter Ghee Bio 300g Keto Drasanvi

Among the main features it has Organic Ghee Butter 300g, there are the following:

  • This product is certified by the Council of Organic Agriculture of the community of Castilla y León. The milk with which this product was made was obtained through the careful and artisanal extraction of cows fed in a special and ecological way.
  • This product is suitable for consumption by celiac people, since it does not contain gluten.
  • Due to the process of obtaining heating, this butter presents a slight smoky flavor reminiscent of nuts.
  • It does not contain proteins or sugars.
  • It has very high tolerance since it does not contain milk.
  • Contains unsaturated fatty acids.
  • It is very high in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K.
  • It is a very good antioxidant, which makes it strengthen the body's immune system.
  • This is an accepted and widely used element in Ayurvedic cuisine.

How to consume Ghee Bio Butter 300g Keto Drasanvi?

The Organic Ghee Butter 300g it is a product designed to spread like a regular butter. It is also ideal for cooking, as it withstands high temperatures without oxidizing its main nutrients. You can use it to fry and fry without it means the consumption of free radicals. You can also use it to make desserts without leaving a ketogenic diet.

What do we recommend?

To make good use of this product, we recommend:

  • Although this product does not need to be refrigerated, we recommend that you store away from the direct incidence of the sun.
  • May contain traces of lactose or milk proteins.
  • Store in places free of moisture.
  • Try not to consume too much of this product.
  • Keep stored tightly closed and away from the reach of the little ones.


100% clarified cow butter.

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