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Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units


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Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units a natural cone wax extractor from the inside of the ear. Easily extract the wax from the inside of ears without the need for diluting drops of plugs and then go to remove the plug. naturally remove the plug and you can hear again easily and naturally at the moment. They are two units with protective disc per container.

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What is Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units?

Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units it is a product developed with the aim of helping to prevent the formation of earwax plugs and improve their eradication, while favoring the rebalancing of atrial pressure.

Due to its purifying action, it manages to solve various discomforts such as ringing, whistling, background noises, conductive hearing loss and blocked ears.

It is designed to be used in adults and children and is specifically recommended for those who work in dusty places, who suffer from ceruminous hypersecretion or who use external hearing aids.

What is Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units for?

This hygiene cone has been made using beeswax and propolis, while it has a new device that favors its application known as Comfy that provides greater comfort, safety and efficiency.

With its use it favors the eradication of excess water that can be deposited in the ear after taking a bath on the beach or in the pool.

Its propolis content favors the protection of the ear as a result of contact with the heat it gives off, improves local blood circulation, generates a well-being effect and a healthy general physical relaxation.

This device is patented, it is softer and adapts to the walls of the ears to make its use more delicate and pleasant.

It has an applicator that provides greater security to the cone as it ensures its correct placement in the ear canal, at the appropriate depth.

The device decreases the inlet hole by concentrating the effect and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition. it is a hypoallergenic product that is clinically tested and has not been tested on animals.

Who is Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units for?

Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units it has been developed for all those who require a natural system that favors the hygiene of the auditory canal and that eradicates excess wax through heat.

With its use it generates the restoration of the tension of the eardrum and corrects the annoying sensation of blocked ears. In addition, it can be used to prevent hearing disorders such as dizziness, wheezing, buzzing etc.

How should Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear be used 2 Units?

Its use is very simple if the following steps are followed correctly:

  • Insert the cone into the opening of the protective disc and rest the head on a horizontal plane.
  • Place the thinnest part of the cone in the ear always upright.
  • Turn on the top of the cone and let the fire slowly consume the cone.
  • When the fire has consumed 1/3 of the total height, remove and extinguish.

It is important not to use in case of hearing damage, protect the hair before use and not to use in children under 7 years.

Composition of Orexan Cone Hygiene Ear 2 Units

Beeswax, Propolis, Organic essential oils.

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