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Ordesa is a known brand thanks to its wide range of nutritional supplements, or vitamins and minerals that help to supplement the diet, thanks to its wide range of products that promote the daily nutrition requirements.

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  • Dhavit vitamins, 15 ml Dhavit vitamins, 15 ml
    Out of stock
    Dhavit vitamins, 15 ml

    Food supplement. Provides nutrients. Indicated for children. Vitamins, D, E, and A. Easy administration Presentation of 15 ml.

    10,95 €
  • Symbioram 12 Envelopes
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    Symbioram 12 Envelopes

    Symbioram is a nutritional supplement with probiotics and prebiotics that improve the intestinal tract and fácilitala recovery of the balance of the intestinal flora, to base of live milk enzymes with probiotic and fiber prebiotics favouring the increase of beneficial bacteria in the body, such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

    8,20 €
  • Imunoglukan P4H 120 ml Imunoglukan P4H 120 ml
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    Imunoglukan P4H 120 ml

    Immunoglukan P4H 120 ml, The solution to strengthen natural defenses in a simple and natural way. Complement the daily diet and strengthen the body of your baby, prepare for the winter you and your baby in a natural way recommended by Spanish pediatricians. Minimum expiration 1 year

    20,00 € -37.52% 12,50 €
  • omegakids taste limon omegakids taste limon
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    OmegaKids Emulsion Flavor, Lemon 100 ml

    Omegakids Emulsion Flavor, Lemon 100 ml is a food supplement based on Omega-3 fatty Acids, Omega-6 and high in vitamins D and E to help maintain proper functioning of the brain

    20,50 € -6.3841% 19,20 €
  • Fervit Syrup Solution 120 ml Fervit Syrup Solution 120 ml
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    Fervit Syrup Solution 120 ml

    Iron supplement Over 4 years. Child development. Reduces constipation. No metallic taste. It is very easy dispensing.

    9,96 € -20.1105% 7,95 €
  • Imunoglukan P4h 30 Capsules
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    Imunoglukan P4h 30 Capsules

    Imunoglukan P4h 30 Capsules

    20,00 € -25.255% 14,95 €
  • Fervit Drops 30 ml
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    Fervit Drops 30 ml

    Fervit Drops 30 ml is an iron supplement developed by ordesa to cover the needs of the baby, The iron Fervit is microencapsulated, and therefore presents an excellent digestive tolerance and high absorption.

    7,95 € -18.2573% 6,50 €
  • Omegakids Gummies 54 Gummy
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    Omegakids Gummies 54 Gummy

    Omegakids Gummies 54 Gummy the perfect complement to give to your child the necessary amount of omega-3 and omega-6. NO fishy taste unpleasant, it is a very recommended filler complementacion vitaminica of children. Perfect for daily use. Dosisi of 2 to 4 units a day and Omegakids Gummies 54 Gums is recommended for children 5 years and older.

    18,95 €
  • Imunoglukan 250 ml Formato Ahorro Imunoglukan 250 ml Formato Ahorro
    Out of stock
    Imunoglukan 250 ml Format Saving

    Imunoglukan 250 ml Format-Saving with the same composition that is always a but best price to buy as it is a format of more of the double amount of the normal, with a considerable saving on the price. Great deal to buy always at the best price online offer.

    29,95 € -20.0434% 23,95 €
  • Ordesa Vitamin D Vitamin D Liquid Drops 10 ml Ordesa Vitamin D Vitamin D Liquid Drops 10 ml
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    Ordesa Vitamin D Vitamin D Liquid Drops 10 ml

    Food supplement. High content of vitamin D. High bioavailability and utilization. Presentation on drops. Presentation of 10ml. Comfortable vials.

    7,00 € -21.4286% 5,50 €
  • Symbioram Drops 7.5 ml
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    Symbioram Drops 7.5 ml

    Symbiotic. Balance of the immune system. Reduction of colic. Eradication of evil transito intestinal Synergistic effect.

    15,00 € -27.0333% 10,95 €

With the intake of their products generates an additional input of energy to overcome successfully the current and unstoppable style of life. In addition, laboratorios Ordesa has more than 70 years working to provide solutions to various needs.

This company works in the research of formulas that improve the health of the little ones of the house, as well as the elderly due to their formulas nutritional improve the quality of life of consumers.

In addition, Laboratorios Ordesa it pays maximum attention to the computer and human and technological, being pioneers in this field.

What features provides Ordesa as a company?

At laboratorios Ordesa is made nutritional products innovative, which improve quality of life of children and adults, thanks to the continuous research and the implementation of solutions (I+D+i, which are the pillars of the wide range of products of this brand.

Ordesa offers different solutions both for babies, adults, and older adults. In children's products offer a wide range because it contains great experience innovating formulas supplements and vitamins.

In terms of the products are for adults and older, it has the range FontActiv that presents a great variety of ideal products to meet the different nutritional requirements.

In addition, with the aim of improving the nutrition of the population and research about new formulas better every day, in their laboratories maintains a commitment and a responsibility to society.

The brand carries out thorough checks to ensure the highest quality of its products, ensuring compliance with standards, protocols, and plans of hygiene and safety in all processes and work environments.

What are the benefits of the supplements of Ordesa?

Due to the wide range of nutritional supplements, can generate different results, as they help to prevent and treat various deficiencies thanks to the contribution of a necessary amount of nutrients that improve the functioning of the body.

Magnesium supplements have interaction in more than 300 reactions in metabolic within the body, such as in the synthesis of DNA, the control of the glucose in the blood, regulation of blood pressure, stress reduction, among others.

Supplements with iron content is recommend to be consumed by women, since this mineral is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, which is a substance that is essential in the transport of oxygen in the body.

Zinc supplements have an important role in protein synthesis, growth, immune response and healing processes.

Supplements of vitamin D and A are add-ons that may be used in autumn and in winter, contributing to the lack of vitamin D.

Whereas, the omega 3 supplements are effective in cardiovascular health, brain activity, and in the coordination of nervous that these fatty acids are necessary for the body.

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