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Oral Hygiene

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The care and maintenance of our mouth is a daily task. One of the most important things that we must not lose sight of is the care of our teeth and gums through proper oral hygiene. This is essential for a correct use of the toothbrush, dental floss, mouth rinse after every meal in addition to the visit half-yearly to the dentist. Just as well, keeping this daily routine, we can avoid greater evils, such as the loss of a piece, diseases such as halitosis, or bad breath, gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases that may bring important consequences not only in the mouth, but in other parts of the body

A-line care and oral hygiene

Thinking that need daily cleaning and maintenance of our mouth, FarmaciaMarket has made available to its customers a line of oral hygiene that allows to have the best products on the market to ensure that care is needed.

In our Website you will find a wide range of products to meet your requirements.

In FarmaciaMarket we offers on our products and catalogues throughout the year. In addition for each delivery that we make the customer receives a voucher for an amount that can be accumulated to the extent that you access our products and redeem it on our Website.

The best brands of oral hygiene

FarmaciaMarket puts at your disposal the best brands in the market, recognized by the results that shed, and the high performance shown. Leading brands in the area of the care and oral hygiene as Vitis, Lacer, Listerine, Visiomed, Oral-B, among others, can be found in our catalog of products at the best prices in the market and at the disposal of our clients just with a single click.

This is the case of Vitis, one of the marks of the wide range of specialized products in the oral health which offers Dentaid. This company has invested in a permanent way in the research and development of products which are highly competitive due to their results in the area of oral health, offering a high performance in all its products. Vitiscuenta with a staff of hygienists, pharmacists, and dentists who work in an interdisciplinary way in function to optimize their results.

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