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Oral B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m


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Oral B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m

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Oral B brings you an ideal product for the care of your teeth such as dental floss. With this product, you will be able to clean your teeth in the areas where the brush does not reach and keep your mouth clean and fresh.

With Oral-B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m feel the difference in your mouth from the first moment. Enjoy a fresh sensation when it releases a burst of fresh mint as it gets into action

Oral B Satin Tape Hilo Dental 25m

Benefits of Oral B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m

This dental floss has a wide band of silky texture which is comfortable for the handling of those who use it. It effectively removes plaque and particles from between the teeth and under the gum line, so that you really feel the cleanliness in your mouth.

The tape of the Oral B dental floss helps to eliminate bacteria and contributes to freshening the breath, while effectively fighting bacterial plaque and eliminating food debris left between the teeth.

The pleasant mint taste of Oral B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m it will leave your mouth fresh for longer. In addition, the wide shape of its tape favors the cleaning of larger spaces between the teeth.

In addition to its satin texture that wraps comfortably around the fingers, the shape of the tape allows you to clean wider spaces between the teeth. It reaches where no other reaches!

It is proven that flossing daily (combined with brushing and a mouthwash) helps protect the gums against gingivitis by removing plaque and food debris, which contributes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy in addition to beautifying your smile.

Features of Oral B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m

  • This brand dental floss Oral B it has a delicious mint flavor, refreshing and pleasant.

  • It provides a burst of freshness in your mouth.

  • Removes plaque, preventing the appearance of tartar.

  • It is resistant to breakage.

  • The wide shape of the tape cleans wide spaces between the teeth, reaching where others do not reach.

  • Its satin finish is soft on your gums, avoiding cuts and mistreatment.

Indications of Oral B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m

It is recommended to use Oral B Satin Tape Dental Floss 25m in the morning or at night, after brushing, as this helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy, and maintain proper oral hygiene.

To properly use this product you must follow the following steps:

  1. Wind 45 cm of dental floss on your middle fingers.

  2. Carefully slide the floss between the teeth and under the gum line.

  3. Pass the tape around the teeth, with an up-and-down movement to remove dental plaque and food debris.

  4. Repeat in all the interdental spaces, advancing the tape to always use a clean part of the thread.

It is advisable to make regular visits to the dentist to check the good condition of the teeth and the maintenance of oral health.