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Optrex it is a brand that has a series of products formulated to cover all requirements for the conservation of eye health, since it specializes in eye care.

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  • Optrex Actimist Dry Eyes Spray 10 ml
    Optrex Actimist Dry Eyes Spray 10 ml

    Relieves discomfort. Protect the eyes. Repairs the hydrating barrier. It brings comfort. Instantly soothes. Revive the eye.

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  • Optrex Ojos secos Colirio Hidratante 10 ml Optrex Ojos secos Colirio Hidratante 10 ml
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    Optrex dry Eye Drops 10 ml

    Optrex dry Eye Drops 10 ml in the format of a salve that's easy to use and carry anywhere. It is Suitable for contact Lenses and brings hydration and lubrication of dry eye due to environments with fumes, or many hours of computer. Easy to use and carry anywhere.

    8,00 € -0.9313% 7,93 €
  • Optrex Hammamelis Water Eye Drops 10 ml Optrex Hammamelis Water Eye Drops 10 ml
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    Optrex Hammamelis Water Eye Drops 10 ml

    Eye drops formulated with Witch hazel water. Recommended in case of mild eye irritation. Soothes discomfort and irritation. Gently cleanses the eye surface. Formulated with purified water. It can be used every day.

    9,00 € -11.9389% 7,93 €
  • Optrex eye Drops to Soothing Itchy Eyes
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    Optrex eye Drops to Soothing Itchy Eyes

    Optrex eye Drops to Soothing Itchy Eyes relieves the itching of eyes naturally produced by allergies to animal hair, pollen or dust is easy to use and you can use it whenever you want because their continued use as it is natural, its main content is water, hammamelis virginiana.

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  • Optrex Actimist Itchy eyes 10 ml
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    Optrex Actimist Itchy eyes 10 ml

    It eradicates itching. Eliminates tearing. Refresh the area. Immediate relief. Easy to use. It can be used with contact lenses.

    13,95 € -14.0503% 11,99 €
  • Optrex Double Action Dry Eyes 10ml Optrex Double Action Dry Eyes 10ml
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    Optrex Double Action Dry Eyes 10ml

    Moisturizes dry eyes. Does not include dyes or phosphates. Results up to 6 hours. It can be used by contact lens wearers. Suitable for daily use. Calm that lasts longer.

    12,95 € -28.9884% 9,20 €
  • Optrex Double Action Itchy Eyes 10ml Optrex Double Action Itchy Eyes 10ml
    Out of stock
    Optrex Double Action Itchy Eyes 10ml

    Provides instant relief. Lasting results. Reduces the itching of the eyes. Contains 0.2% Carbomer. It lasts 3 months once opened. Does not include preservatives.

    12,95 € -28.9884% 9,20 €

This prestigious brand has the main characteristic of having an excellent assortment of products, among which are eye drops, sprays and drops that effectively collaborate with the conservation of the health and well-being of the ocular mucosa.

This brand directs its efforts to eye care as this area is quite vulnerable and can suffer from problems as a result of lifestyle, pollution, allergies and other elements to which we are exposed daily.

What is Optrex?

It is a brand that manufactures products aimed at eye care, since its formulation is aimed at improving hydration, specifically the eye barrier.

Unlike other brands, most of their products have been developed to apply directly on the eyelid and not on the eye, favoring the treatment and prevention of various pathologies that disturb them, such as the absence of ocular hydration.

This brand is a specialist in medicines that promote the restoration of natural hydration of the eye, so its design has revolutionized the market and each of its products can be applied on closed eyes.

The design of each product is the result of its way of understanding the eye and its health as a summary of factors, so its structure favors its well-being when the sight is tired.

In addition, it improves hydration to be able to face each day and prevent vision from suffering constantly.

This brand of ophthalmological products belongs to the English laboratory Reckitt Benckiser, which was founded in 1814 and has high quality standards for each of its products.

All Optrex products are clinically tested to certify that they meet the highest quality controls and ensure that they are at the forefront of personal care and protection for the eyeballs and eye contour.

Can Optrex products be used if contact lenses are used?

The use of contact lenses is a common choice for those people who must use glasses and this does not like them, they can be used during a sports practice or during a trip, since the glasses usually decrease the freedom of movement due to their instability.

It is important to mention that contact lenses should be given special care so that they perform their function optimally and their use is more comfortable, being important to preserve eye hydration and products Optrex they are adapted to these needs.

The use of contact lenses usually causes the eyes to be exposed to dryness, so the entire range of products of this brand provides effective care and collaborates with the conservation of the natural moisturizing barrier of the eye in its best state.

In addition, it produces results more quickly because they effectively decrease the symptoms generated by the irritation and dryness, providing an improvement in the life time of the lenses and providing increased comfort for a longer period of time.

In order to generate an improvement in the use of contact lenses, we recommend the use of some products such as moisturizing eye drops and ActiMist Spray 2 in 1, the latter generates wonderful results since it is applied to the eye without contact with hands.

How do Optrex products work?

Each of the eye drops and sprays created by this brand have been made to be quite simple to apply and in this way, prevent direct contact of the hands with the eyes.

Most of the products of this brand should be applied with the eyelids closed, with the exception of the eye drops that are applied in the traditional way, placing a drop on each open eye.

These products act in a fairly simple way, since the formulation is amplified on the eye improving its lubrication and originating an artificial tear that improves hydration immediately and decreases the symptoms of irritation.

Meanwhile, the range of sprays ActiMist is placed on the closed eyelid and when the product comes into contact with the moisturizing barrier of the eye, its composition begins its action calming various eye pathologies and symptoms of dryness.

Causing in turn an improvement in the hydration of the eye, especially when lenses are used regularly.

The composition of all these products is aimed at reducing vision problems that arise as a result of allergies, infections, exposure to the sun, use of contact lenses, fatigue of the retina, among others.

This brand has a range of products, and transformative presentations, that generate quite efficient results and help preserve the health of consumers.

What are the components of Optrex products?

Optrex products have been made using various components, including a variety of natural extracts such as Witch hazel water, sodium, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

Its ingredients have been selected taking into account the properties they provide, whether soothing, disinfectant, and antibacterial, as well as the ability to refresh, lubricate and moisturize the cornea, providing a feeling of softness and immediate calm to the different discomforts.

What products does Optrex offer?

In the continuation of its various expansive processes, Optrex it has developed a variety of products that favor eye care, among which are:

  • Optrex Eye Drops Moisturizing Dry Eyes: provides a lubricating effect that restores moisture naturally to the eye and reduces redness, tearing, conjunctivitis and itching.

  • Optrex eye drops Witch Hazel water: it has been made with natural ingredients that provide astringent properties, favors the cleaning of the surface of the eye and deflates the area, eliminating dust particles, animals and other external agents.

  • Optrex Double action for itchy eyes: reduces itchiness and improves the lubrication of the eye cavity, and can be used with contact lenses to reduce the discomfort they cause.

  • Optrex actimist Spray 2 in 1: reduces some symptoms such as irritation, blurred vision, itching or tearing caused by eye dryness, while repairing the protective layer of the eye and preventing moisture loss through evaporation.

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