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Optifast Milkshake Cafe 12 sachets


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Optifast Milkshake Cafe 12 sachets it is a dietary supplement to lose weight from nestle laboratories, very useful as a healthy diet since it provides everything necessary as a substitute for a regular diet, favoring a better and healthy life. Combinable with brands such as dietflash dietclinical Ysonut and pronokal. New formula, better compensation of protein, glycidic and omega 3 load

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Optifast coffee smoothie it is a safe diet because:

  • It can be administered as an exclusive diet (VCLD 3 sachets /day or LCD 4 sachets /day) and as a mixed diet combined with usual foods.

Optifast®it is a complete diet because:

  • It provides the body with all the essential nutrients.
  • Each sachet provides 17.5 g of protein, 201 calories and a third of the daily needs in vitamins and minerals.
  • It contains proteins of high biological value.
  • The new formula incorporates microencapsulated fish oil (EPA/DHA) that prevents cardiovascular disorders.
  • An envelope from Optifast®it provides 3.6 g of prebiotic fiber (inulin) that favors intestinal transit.

Optifast®it is an effective diet because:

  • It ensures rapid weight loss fundamentally at the expense of fat mass. It allows to maintain this weight reduction in the short and medium term.