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Optifast Cappuccino Bars 6 units


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Optifast Cappuccino or cappuccino bars, ideal to keep your life healthy, acts on your desire to eat by calming the feeling of hunger. With all the quality of nestle that makes this complement an essential in your day to day since the texture and quality of nestle the manufacturer is contrasted. Combine it with smoothie and custard that you have here at the best online offer price. Wide range of optifast personal care.

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Optifast Cappuccino Bars it is a dietary supplement substitute for a meal, but it contains the same nutrients and vitamins that the body requires and helps control weight. It is a delicious bar with cappuccino flavor, hyperproteicas and hypocaloric composed of vitamins and minerals that are needed for a complete diet. It is a nutritious and healthy solution that helps people in slimming diets or who want to maintain their weight. In addition, it is a very low calorie diet, the only way to reduce fat reserves is by eating fewer calories than you need daily. It also allows adults to have good health with a lower calorie intake, since daca bar provides only 226 calories.

Characteristics of Optifast Cappuchino Bars

It is a product for a hypocaloric diet specially developed for the treatment of overweight and obesity, which is prepared for the new trends in nutrition and obesity, below are the most important features:

  1. It is a very safe product since it can be administered as an exclusive diet or as a mixed diet, which is when combined with other foods.
  2. It is a complete diet, because it provides the body with all the essential nutrients for its functioning.
  3. Each bar provides proteins, calories and a third of the vitamins and minerals that the body requires daily.
  4. In its composition it contains proteins of great biological value.
  5. It contains minerals that help in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders.
  6. Consuming an Optifast bar provides the body with prebiotic fiber, inulin, which helps intestinal transit.
  7. It is a very effective diet because it guarantees a fast weight loss that helps to decrease the amount of fat. It helps to maintain weight reduction in the short and medium term. 

Composition Optifast Cappuchino Bars

This product is rich in vitamins and minerals to your daily diet, are listed below its components: fructose Syrup-glucose, soy protein, milk chocolate (17%), sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa, emulsifier: soy lecithin and aroma, grain, soy, minerals: potassium citrate, calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, magnesium carbonate, phosphate, magnesium, sodium citrate, ferric pyrophosphate, potassium iodate, zinc oxide, seleniato sodium, cupric sulfate and manganese sulfate, dietary fiber: inulin, vegetable oil: canola, coffee powder (0,5%), flavourings, vitamins: C, E, nicotinamide, D-biotin, D-calcium pantothenate, folic acid, D3, B6, B2, B12 and B1, tapioca starch, salt, emulsifier such as soy lecithin. It also contains milk, soy and traces of nuts, peanuts and gluten.

Recommendations Optifast Cappuccino Bars

  • This product should be consumed when you have a hypocaloric diet, so that one or two meals can be replaced by Optifast cappuccino bars.
  • You should consume a bar and take between two and three glasses of water, up to two liters per day of water consumption or any other liquid that is acaloric.
  • It should be used in combination with commonly eaten foods.
  • Just replace one or two main meals.

Benefits of Optifast Cappuccino Bars

  1. It helps maintain weight reduction in the short and medium term. Low energy diet for weight reduction.
  2. They come ready to consume.
  3. Produces a satiating effect.
  4. Helps improve glucose tolerance in patients who are diabetic.
  5. Contributes to the reduction of cholesterol levels.
  6. Helps in the regulation of intestinal transit.
  7. Help in the continuation of low-calorie diets
  8. The patient should change their eating habits and undergo periodic checks when the treatment is prolonged.
  9. It takes care of people and helps them to lose weight healthily in a practical and simple way.
  10. A daily exercise routine is also recommended.
  11. It is recommended before starting this treatment, go to a doctor who performs the appropriate evaluations, in order to ensure that you do not have any type of health problems such as kidney failure.

Who can consume Optifast Cappuccino Bars

It is a product especially indicated for the treatment of overweight and obesity, and, for those who suffer from the following pathologies:

  • People with diabetes mellitus.
  • Dyslipidemia.
  • With high blood pressure problems.
  • People with respiratory problems.
  • For people suffering from osteoarthritis and with problems in the locomotor system.
  • People who are going to have surgery.
  • When women are in the period of menopause and in the post-lactation period.
  • Helps improve glucose tolerance in diabetic patients.

Contraindications Optifast Cappuchino Bars

It is not indicated for people with the following conditions:

  • renal, hepatic or pulmonary rakes.
  • With heart failure.
  • With anemia problems.
  • Who have electrolyte disturbances.
  • With food allergy to dairy products.
  • Phenylketonuria.

Advantages of Optifast Cappuchino Bars

  1. They are comfortable and practical to carry since they come in a practical size, which facilitates its consumption both at home, and to take it for consumption anywhere. 
  2. It comes with a nice cappuccino flavor and wonderful texture, which is very nice to be bitten.
  3. It allows you to maintain weight after you have lost weight.
  4. It has an aromatic Italian latte flavor, called cappuccino.
  5. They are rich in fiber.
  6. It is a dietary product that adapts to the needs of each person.
  7. It is a low calorie product, ideal for diets.
  8. Helps maintain metabolic balance and normal daily activity.
  9. It is effective achieving the weight control you want and its taste is very pleasant.

Presentation of Optifast Cappuccino Bars

They come in a box of 6 individually packaged units, so that once they have been opened it does not affect their conservation. It can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores and online stores. In addition, its price is very affordable.