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  • Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort
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    Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort

    Tensiometro Omron M6 Comfort, a tensiometro completisimo almost professional, highly recommended for people with problems of high blood pressure with a special concern and sensitive by its tension, it has cuff suitable for sizes M and L with perimeter between 22cm and 42cm, Detects arrhythmias and with a double system of detection which ensures the...

    86,53 €
  • Tensiometro Omron M3 Tensiometro Omron M3
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    Tensiometro Omron M3

    Tensimetro Omron M3 is the detector of blood pressure but sold by will price and easy access management, with 60 memories and average values, with a sleeve between 22 and 32 cm fácilita all types of measurements, Control your tension in maner Simple. MODEL 2012

    59,58 €
  • Tensiometro Omron R2 Tensiometro Omron R2
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    Tensiometro Omron R2

    Tensiometro OMRON Wrist R2 , to measure your blood Pressure without the need of putting on sleeves, straight from the wrist tomato tension so easy , for people who travel much and need to tomarsela autonomously, fast and simple, and monitor large numbers that make it easier to display. MODEL 2012

    50,00 €
  • Tensiometro Omron R3 Tensiometro Omron R3
    Out of stock
    Tensiometro Omron R3

    Tensiometro OMRON Wrist R3, the most sold, for its easy access, large numbers and accuracy, to the need to measure fast, simple and immediate, the most used and recommended, and with the best views of specialists, detects arrhythmias and has 42 memories, with function average of three measurements. MODEL 2012

    59,96 €
  • Beurer Po30 Oximeter 57 gr
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    Beurer Po30 Oximeter 57 gr

    Beurer Po30 Oximeter 57 gr

    69,95 €
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