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Omega Pharma

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  • audimer cleaning of ears
    Out of stock
    Audimer 60 ml

    Audimer 60 ml is a sea water for cleaning ears from the first 6 months of life, non-invasive and valid for all the family, with applicator simple and very easy to use.

    9,96 € -12.1507% 8,75 €
  • audimer plugs 12 ml audimer plugs 12 ml
    Out of stock
    Audimer Plugs 12 ml

    Audimer Plugs 12 ml is a natural solution to soften the plugs of natural origin that makes then be removed easily, or that they can go out alone. The quality of the omega Pharma at the service of the user in your non-cheap.

    8,95 € -18.9189% 7,26 €
  • PediSilk Lima Antidurezas
    Out of stock
    PediSilk Lima Antidurezas

    PediSilk Lima Antidurezas, lima, new with 2 speeds and a rechargeable battery, with ergonomic design and accessories roller for manicure and pedicure. New lima anti hardness, cheaper, and with more accessories. Now Pack Winter

    29,95 € -6.6667% 27,95 €
  • Pedisilk Rollers Replacement
    Out of stock
    Pedisilk Rollers Replacement

    Pedisilk Roller Spare part, technology nanomineral are 2 rollers for two types of calluses in the feet, one pink for hardness medium, or maintenance of feet, take care of them from the first day, the other black to dull more resistant.

    14,96 € -16.4239% 12,50 €
  • Pedisilk accessories
    Out of stock
    Pedisilk Accessories Manicure and Pedicure

    Pedisilk Accessories Manicure and Pedicure, accessories stop to have a perfect nails in seconds, with 5 limes different and an adapter for the lima pedisilk, with technology clenosan beauty Tech

    15,95 € -18.8164% 12,95 €
  • Ymea Silhouette Pack offer Ymea Silhouette Pack offer
    Out of stock
    Ymea Silhouette Pack offer

    Ymea Silhouette Pack Discount comprised of two containers of 64 capsules with a total of 128 capsules in offering best price to buy.

    49,95 € -30.0374% 34,95 €
  • Ymea Flat Belly Pack Offer Ymea Flat Belly Pack Offer
    Out of stock
    Ymea Flat Belly Pack Offer

    Ymea Flat Belly Pack Discount 120 tablets with plant extracts such as fennel, green tea, horehound, and yam, and gundilla all to counteract the effects of tummy of the menopause, an effective solution to buy at the best price online from your online pharmacy.

    49,95 € -30.0374% 34,95 €
  • Clenosan Beauty Tech Facial Kit
    Out of stock
    Clenosan Beauty Tech Facial Kit

    Clenosan Beauty Tech Fascial Kit a complete kit to facilitate your daily cleaning of a simple and effective way. With 4 heads easy-to-use and exchange. Keeps your skin glowing and looking healthy since its first use.

    15,95 € -25.0379% 11,95 €
  • Cryopharma 2 Generation
    Out of stock
    Cryopharma Antiverrugas 2 Generation

    Cryopharma Antiverrugas 2 Generation

    25,00 € -20.1936% 19,95 €
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