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Already available the brand of oral care Oddent for the regeneration of canker sores aíi as the healing of bruises. Keep your mouth healthy at the best price with the leading brand oddent. Buy oddent in farmaciamarket is already possible at a promotional price.

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  • Oddent Mouthwash 150 ml Oddent Mouthwash 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Oddent Mouthwash 150 ml

    Oddent Mouthwash liquid is a liquid application on wounds in the mouth promotes healing by the acid hyaluronic acid, ideal use in wounds orthodontics, dentures, and dentures.

    9,20 €
  • Oddent Gel 20 ml Oddent Gel 20 ml
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    Oddent Gel 20 ml

    Oddent Gel is a gel with hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid that fácilita the healing of oral tissues with wounds caused by dentures, dentures and orthodontics.

    9,20 €

Nowadays there are different studies that show the importance in the care of the mouth. As has been shown in recent years proper oral hygiene prevents infinite number of diseases.

There are many factors that play a decisive role in the health of our mouth. Not only do we talk about lack of hygiene, but also of diseases such diabetes, eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia or immunological diseases among many others.

Similarly, it should be noted that the consumption of drugs or alcohol, and tobacco are other causes that can lead to unhealthy conditions in the mouth.

It is for this reason that the hyaluronic acid has become a great ally when it comes to dealing with these issues. Known for their numerous properties and benefits, the substance that our body produces naturally, is the main character in cosmetic products such as creams, anti-wrinkle.

Added to these magnificent gifts that this acid is in the care of our face, another of its characteristics is that it prevents and helps to lesions inside the mouth. In fact, to date, there are in the market product lines based on it, such as, for example, oddent.

The saying that the years do not forgive is true to detail in terms of hyaluronic acid, as the course of the same causes our body to lose the ability of water absorption and consequently the production of substances such as this acid.

Today we are going to focus our attention on the range of products oddent, of biotechnological origin, a market success that allows for the repair of tissues inside of the mouth.

Best products oddent

- Oddent gel

Can be found in parapharmacies and is suitable in the treatment of inflamed gums, thereby restoring the health of the same. Oddent gel also allows for the repair and prevention and is available for adults as for children in pharmacies and parapharmacies several.

A light massage with the fingertips with oddent gel on the gums allows for three or four weeks to help relieve pain and inflammation.

- Oddent mouthwash

If you want to get a care still more efficient of our teeth and gums is nothing better than to use a mouthwash. Not very common in the houses, also known as mouth rinse is an aqueous solution that every dentist advises on the care of our oral health. Oddent mouthwash is one of the alternatives of market bailed.

- Oddent Spray

Whether the result of poor digestion or by diseases that favor its appearance, sores, and wounds in the mouth have become the source of headaches for a lot of population. A remedy to end them is Oddent Spray, the use of which is common in the treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis.

Be that as it may, the products based on hyaluronic acid not only have become a trend and usual in beauty, but also in the field of health.

For all those people still reluctant to the use of products with this component, it is convenient to point out that there have not been detected side effects in the trials, and studies of the same.

- Oddent mouthwash

It is a concentrate that must be used undiluted in water, obtaining beneficial effects through its daily use. Once rinsed the mouth to expel.

Its price is around 10 euros, nothing excessive, if we take into account that it is to take care of our oral health and dental, through which they prevent different diseases.

Therefore, if you are one of those who suffer from continual discomfort in the mouth, there is nothing better to be done with one of the products of the range oddent, whose main base is the hyaluronic acid.

Used mainly for health and recommended by dentists oddent gel, oddent spray and oddent mouthwash are easy to use and have available below in our store at the best price.