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Nutratopic a range developed by isdin thought in the Skin atopic baby and specific treatment of dermatitis atopica as well as dry skin. You'll be able to buy them at the best quote price.

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  • Nutratopic Pro Amp Facial Cream 50 ml Gift Lotion 100 ml
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    Nutratopic Pro Amp Facial Cream 50 ml Gift Lotion 100 ml

    Nutratopic Pro Amp Facial Cream 50 ml Gift Lotion 100 ml - pack integral of integral care of delicate skin of both adult as a baby. Moisturizing skin care comprehensive thanks to its formula with a very carefully designed for all type of skins.

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  • Nutratopic Pro Amp Lotion 400 ml
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    Nutratopic Pro Amp Lotion 400 ml

    Hydrates. Calm dry skin. Specific for skin atopic. Restores the barrier function. Fluid texture. Rapid absorption.

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  • Nutratopic Facial 50ml + 50ml Duplo Nutratopic Facial 50ml + 50ml Duplo
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    Nutratopic Facial 50ml + 50ml Duplo

    It is a pack of two facial creams. Designed for skin atopic. Prevents atopic dermatitis. Reduces the symptoms of dermatitis. This dermatologically tested. It is hypoallergenic.

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  • Nutratopic Pro Amp Facial Cream 50 ml Nutratopic Pro Amp Facial Cream 50 ml
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    Nutratopic Pro Amp Facial Cream 50 ml

    It is a product designed for use in children. Helps to treat dermatitis atopic. Promotes the protective barrier of the skin. It is a formula delicate for sensitive skin. It is designed to be used on the face. Help disinfect.

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  • Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Emollient Bath Gel 400 ml
    Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Emollient Bath Gel 400 ml

    Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Emollient Bath Gel 400 ml a gel format of 400 ml for the care of the most delicate skin, perfectly formulated for the contribution and recovery of the lipid barrier of skins with a tendency to dryness or more delicate. It helps relieve stinging and itching in case of dry or atopic skin. With l-isoleucine plus pro-amp.

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  • Nutratopic Pro-Amp Emollient Cream Isdin 200 ml Nutratopic Pro-Amp Emollient Cream Isdin 200 ml
    Nutratopic Pro-Amp Emollient Cream Isdin 200 ml

    Nutratopic Pro-Amp Emollient Cream Isdin 200 ml promotes the reinforcement of the barrier function of the skin, as it produces a deep hydration by generating as a result a relief in the itching and irritation due to its content of Laureth-9, and Niacin measure.

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  • Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Gel Bath emollient 750 ml Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Gel Bath emollient 750 ml
    Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Gel Bath emollient 750 ml

    Nutratopic Pro Amp Gel emollient bath 750 ml skin atopica to keep a clean hygiene daily in infants and children with skin problems atopica. New WITH PRO AMP antimicrobial

    18,80 € -16.4736% 15,71 €
  • Nutratopic Rx Cream 100 ml
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    Nutratopic Rx Cream 100 ml

    Nutratopic Rx Cream 100 ml as a cream in the use of skin atopica causes hydration and protection, can be used also in skin intolerant or very dry, you can apply as many times as necessary on the skin for its recovery.

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  • Nutratopic Pro Amp Face Cream 50ml + Body Lotion 200ml
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    Nutratopic Pro Amp Face Cream 50ml + Body Lotion 200ml

    Nutratopic Pro Amp Facial Cream 50ml Nutratopic Pro Amp Body Lotion 200ml Treatment pack for sensitive or dry skin. Structure that mimics the skin Atopic skin. Helps fight itching. Eliminates redness Eradicate flaking Good tolerance on atopic skin

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  • Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Gel Bath emollient 750ml + 750ml Duplo Promotion
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    Nutratopic Pro Amp Isdin Gel Bath emollient 750ml + 750ml...

    Skin atopic. Prevents the itching. Hydrates the skin. Maintains the pH. Protects the dermis. Rich in emollient oils.

    29,95 € -24.8548% 22,51 €

Atopic dermatitis is a very common condition that is related to the imbalance of the system immune from the skin. The symptoms most highlight of this condition are dryness of the skin , and the itching (pruritus), as that tends to happen every time an outbreak.

It should be noted that it is not an allergy to any particular substance, which is not going to resolve to do allergy tests or remove foods from the diet. In children it is recognized atopic dermatitis by the presence of redness and inflammation of the skin, intense dryness and itching, so we created a specially-designed to relieve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis on the face of the smallest, which is known as

  • Nutratopic, in addition, it increases the defenses of the face.

  • Nutratopic: thought for the health of the little ones

There is no proven cure for atopic dermatitis, but if you can try to control the episodes of the condition and to the extent possible to avoid that appear, while keeping the skin in good conditions, and follow some tips to take care of the skin of the baby.

In the pictures of skin conditions, the dermis is altered, causing itching and redness. Remember that the skin flora of children is still a phase of growth and if you have the disease, the hydration is much more important for them, therefore, The use of a moisturizer is essential for the regeneration of the skin, but not just any cream, the most appropriate and which is intended for the health of the very young is Nutratopic.

Nutratopic works alongside his rich ingredients to keep the skin hydrated, elastic, soft, and protected from irritants. On the other hand, improves skin dryness and reduces the itching that gives itself the disease.

The constant use of this product is central to the care of atopic skin and can prolong the phases, without outbreaks. For this reason, it is recommended that you apply on the face at least twice a day and all over the body after shower.

It should be noted that excessive hygiene is contraindicated, but it is necessary to carry out the correct cleaning of the skin, looking for the right balance. Then, it will dry the skin gently, without rubbing, and with the use of a cotton towel or use a hair dryer at a low temperature.

Finally, the product applies; if you're starting with him, the most advisable thing is to try it on a small area and wait for the effects for a few hours.

Composition of Nutratopic

To achieve unique effects, this product has been crafted with the finest elements that help soothe the symptoms of this disease, the smallest of the house. For that reason, this product is rich in:

  • L-isoleucine.

  • Rhamnosoft.

  • Ceramide glycine.

  • Shea butter.

  • Squalane.

  • Glycerin.

  • Trimetilglicina.

  • Lecithin, hydrogenated.

Benefits of Nutratopic for the little ones

  • Helps prevent, treat and reduce the visible signs of atopic dermatitis facial for children: itching, dryness, peeling, erythema, and edema of the skin, with a protective dual-active only in the defense system of the skin.

  • Reinforces the first line of defense of the skin by increasing production of antimicrobial peptides (AMP9, through the action of L-isoleucine.

  • Helps to restore the barrier function of the skin.

  • Replaces the natural oils and prevent attacks of irritants, infection , and allergies.

  • Save more aggressive treatments.

  • Its lamellar structure blends with the skin and is quickly absorbed.

Tips for parents of children with atopic dermatitis facial
It is best to:

  • To provide you with a proper hygiene of the baby with warm water, not hot.

  • Wipe with soft and dry to avoid irritation and immediately apply Nutratopic in the direction of hair growth to avoid folliculitis.

  • Apply Nutratopic two times a day on the face as an adjuvant for the control of symptoms and in the periods between outbreaks to prevent these.

  • Keep the nails from the hands of the child is short and smooth and can not scratching or pricking the skin.

  • Put the baby cotton gloves on your hands during the night to prevent scratching of the face while sleeping.

  • Keep the ambient temperature.

  • Something that is really efficient, is to provide the child with a doll from scratch and so reduce the need to scratch the same.

The importance of the early detection of atopic dermatitis

It is true that the cases of atopic dermatitis have increased significantly in the last decades, especially in the more developed countries, mainly affecting children under five years of age, becoming the second most frequent cause of visit to the dermatologist.

For this reason, it is important for the early detection of this pathology and to provide you with the care relevant to the baby.

Remember that this pathology is due to a reaction in the skin that leads to swelling and redness continuous.

This disease is observed in infants and can start even at the age of two to six months, it is recommended that when you observe any of these symptoms consult your doctor immediately for you to provide a cream as Nutratopic, since the baby's skin may be more sensitive due to the lack of certain proteins, such as filaggrin.

This disease is seen stems when exposed to the baby to various factors of modern life, such as industrial chemicals, detergents, tobacco smoke, paintings whitening, among others, which has managed to significantly increase the number during the last few years.

However, the detection of this pathology has been having a series of specific care with the child as:

  1. Remove the triggering agents.

  2. To provide the skin with proper hydration with the constant use of Nutratopic.

  3. Have a pharmacological treatment indicated by the specialist treating.

If not detected early, this condition, the child in the long run it will make a lot of diseases, especially allergies, rhinitis, or asthma.

Therefore, it is essential to detect it to control the disease and to ensure that there are fewer adults with allergies.

Preguntas frecuentes de Nutratopic

Nutratopic es una gama de laboratorios Isdin, una gama pensada para el cuidado de la piel sensible o atópica ya que refuerza la primera línea de la defensa de tu piel gracias activo como Pro Amp presente en toda la familia qué alivia la picazón, sequedad, descamación eritema y edema.

Nutratopic una gama completa de hidratación para pieles sensibles con tendencia a sequedad o atópicas. Pieles con necesidades especiales que necesitan hidratación profunda para reducir la picazón irritación e inflamación. Un tratamiento eficaz en pieles descamadas o muy secas.

Nutratopic contiene Pro AMp e Isoleucina que fortifica el sistema inmune de tu piel aumenta la producción de AMP reforzando el poder antimicrobiano de tu piel. Gracias a su composición restaura la barrera cutánea.

Podrás comprar Nutratopic en oferta y promociones mejor precio, amplia gama de gel, champú y loción para el cuidado diario de la piel. Encuentra las mejores ofertas a precio barato.

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