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Well soon begins to revolutionize their industry because in 1949, the dentists Müller MD and Balters begin to develop a type of nipple completely new, according to medical principles: the nipple NUK will begin to trade in 1956, revolutionizing the market with the first nipple NUK, laying the foundations for all the other developments of nipples that will continue to other brands in the industry

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 Nuk: specialists in nipples and pacifiers children

It will be the beginning of a whole world of revolutionary ideas: in 1971, surprised selling disposable nipples NUK for hospitals, in 1979 introduce the nipple drinking valve, in 1985 and sold a novel method of disinfection of articles of the baby with water vapor: Vaporizer NUK. In 1987 presented the first nursing pads NUK, in 1988, introduced on the market with the first silicone nipples and pacifiers silicone and in 1990, when it was thought that everything was already invented, NUK surprised again to develop the concept of size for the nipples of baby bottles and pacifiers.

Great Offer and price Nuk

In 1994, the collection JANOSCH of NUK break sales records in different countries. But instead of falling asleep among the laurels, on the summit of success, the company will surprise us in 1998 to market the Cup Magic NUK, the most effective solution anti-spill for cups to drink for children and containers for liquids. In 1999, NUK incorporate the famous dog Snoopy to your designs to make them more attractive. In 2003 trade the system of bottles and nipples NUK FIRST CHOICE, the range of oral hygiene products and dental NUK Oral Care will arrive in 2006 and a year later, the nipple for a overall healthy development: NUK Genius.

In 2008 amazed by performing in Frankfurt the first tree-based pacifiers, in favor of several projects that help children promoted by various Ngos around the world, and in 2009, NUK promote a campaign of pacifiers in benefit of UNICEF.

In 2010, the Group's Industrial Map Spontex, to which it belongs, NUK happen at the hands of the american company Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH), a leading provider of consumer products.

All this, as you might expect, has made the company a winner of numerous international awards, in addition to being present in more than 100 countries helping to feed and care for numerous generations of babies have grown up enjoying the benefits of this brand so toe technologically inclined by only using top quality products.

For this reason, buy products NUK is to enjoy the technology that is more functional and novel for your little one. The offer NUK is as wide as economical and reliable as they only use products tested by the quality controls are more rigorous.

Test products NUK and you will be so satisfied that you no longer want to buy others. And more if you benefit from these promotions NUK with that Farmaciamarket surprised once in a while at incredible prices. ¡Estate attentive!.

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