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Reduced price! Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 500 ml Expand
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Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 250 + 250 ml


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Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 250 + 250 ml a full pack of 2 units of supraacondicionador of nuggela sule, which stimulates the growth, adds shine and makes it easy hairstyle. Antioxidant action is effective, you can combine it with shampoo or with any blister that stimulate growth.

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Conditioners Nuggela have been very successful in the market capillary for its advanced formula. You'll be able to enjoy an impeccable hair, silky, and shiny with the continuous use of Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 500 ml.

This supracondicionador gives hair an intensive nutrition and depth. It is a hair treatment that stimulates the growth of hair. In addition to its use protects intensely for keratin fibers.

You'll be able to make the combinations that you want, with blisters Nuggela or any shampoo of this renowned line. Their effective antioxidant action gives hair vitality and beauty.

Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Cebolla Duplo 500 ml

Application of Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 250 + 250 ml

You will find in Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 500 ml an excellent protector for your hair, regenerándolo and nourishing it with its continuous use. The onion is a revitalizing natural to the scalp.

Their active components contribute to hair excellent nutritional benefits by strengthening the hair follicle. Its antibacterial properties fight dandruff and prevents its appearance.

You can get an excellent volume with this supracondicionador due to the properties that it brings the onion extract. For being a great natural antioxidant, and manages to reverse the premature baldness.

The application of Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 500 ml is quite simple. After the use of shampoo on wet hair, apply a small amount of this conditioner and let it act for 5 minutes.

The exposure time of this conditioner will depend on the condition of your hair. If you have a hair dry leave it to act for 10 minutes as minimum, to achieve better effects.

Lastly withdraws this conditioner with plenty of clean water. You'll begin to feel the silkiness with the hair at the end of your application. You'll be able to remove any tangles easily to avoid breakage.

The dryness of the scalp is achieved by controlling with the continued use of this powerful conditioner. The combination of natural elements with the onion extract manages to restore the damaged hair and imbues it with a great shine.

 Benefits of using Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 250 + 250 ml

This presentation of Nuggela Sule Supracondicionador Onion Duplo 500 ml is ideal to be able to enjoy the benefits of this product for a longer time. Some of the benefits you can get with the continued use of this conditioner are the following:

  • The application of the onion in this conditioner to prevent hair loss.
  • The dryness of the scalp can be prevented with this powerful conditioner.
  • You can use any kind of shampoo line Nuggela to accompany this conditioner. You'll get great results with this combination of hair.
  • It is excellent this supracondicionador if you want to get a gloss on the hair.
  • The scent that characterizes this conditioner with onion extract is a mixture of natural elements. It does not release any kind of smell of onion this product capillary.
  • You'll get a healthy hair and bright with the benefits of the onion.
  • You'll be able to wash the hair daily and protect it from excess drying with the use of this nourishing conditioner.
  • This conditioner restores damaged hair, strengthening of the root to the tip.

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