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Nuby is a range of childcare meant for babies, teethers, feeding bottles, and multiyud of range that will make easier the life of your baby.

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  • Nuby Basket Teething Ring Safe
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    Nuby Basket Teething Ring Safe

    Nuby Basket Biter Secure is a basket of biter for fruits and food, with a magical cover so that the baby can't open it, let them eat pieces of fruit without having to be aware of if you atragantan, ideal for when they start to suck little pieces. For the first solid is the solution safe for baby and mama.

    8,95 € -33.5135% 5,95 €
  • Nuby Bottle Spoon
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    Nuby Bottle Spoon 90 ml

    Nuby Bottle Spoon 90 ml is very easy to use from the first use for babies with the first solid is the intermediate step between bottle-feeding and slurry. It is the easiest way to begin to the baby coga well with a spoon. Made of silicone suavecita is perfect with its 90 ml to begin the slurry from baby easy and convenient.

    13,95 € -17.6062% 11,50 €
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